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X10 in Michigan | Broad Insurance Coverage

We are blessed with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Coverage. This means for BCBS MI card holders it is a covered benefit for you. But do not fret if you have coverage by another insurer. Through our home care partners we can help Medicare patients as well as those who have a variety of other insurances. To learn about the home care companies that include X10 in their coverage for knee patients click here.

And if all else fails we have a very affordable rental program (that comes with our PT team) so that everyone can have X10.

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Julia Home to Outpatient Care

Recovered in Four Weeks

Julia & Outpatient Care

Complete Rehab these last two weeks for Julia.

We posted two weeks ago about how Julia raced to great heights with VNA and home care and was headed to outpatient care at Complete Rehab. Now – after two weeks of rehab with Clare and the therapy team – Julia is doing as well as one could ever hope. Her meeting yesterday with Dr. El-Yussif went extremely well four weeks after surgery. I texted with Julia today and she was full of positive energy.

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Let it Snow

So let’s not let a little snow get in the way of our fun… and successful knee rehabilitation.

X10™: Through Rain or Sleet or Snow – now with MICVNA
Our friends in Michigan at Family Home Health Services have a new name. Welcome Michigan Community Visiting Nurses Association to the X10™ Family. This great company is now delivering X10™ machines throughout Southeast Michigan daily… our state is clearly going to have the best knees in the nation very soon. Well, at least the best baby boomer knees thanks to great surgeons and our machine.

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Studies Referenced:
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There was great hope at one time for Continuous Passive Motion

In the 1970’s & 80’s machines called CPM’s (Continuous Passive Motion) were developed to try to aid in knee replacement recovery. Doctors used CPM’s because the concept of early motion after knee replacement made sense. Since then many studies have evaluated their effectiveness.

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Lisa Thumb

Knee Replacement: The Therapist Perspective

This is a four part series based on an in-depth interview with Lisa Alarcon, a highly respected physical therapist, who shares her extensive knowledge of best practices in post TKA knee rehabilitation. Lisa Alarcon has been working with the X10 since its introduction. Lisa has both the educational background and the field experience to put this new technology in perspective.

Included here is information that orthopedic surgeons do not generally share with their patients. Of particular value to you is the information about scar tissue found in Part Four.

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Outpatient Therapy with X10: Improving Knee Replacement Results

Nora Cascardo PT, OMPT of Premier Therapy Centers, Inc. She is primarily an orthopedic specialist. She has been using the X10™ in her practice for over three years and has had over 200 patients on the machine in that time period. She has used the X10 for outpatient therapy and new improved knee replacement results have been the result of this work. The X10 gets patients back to normal within weeks whereas with traditional therapy it can take three to six months; furthermore patients knee function is much better after using the X10.

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Physical Therapist Interview: Paul Roubal

Advancing Knee Rehabilitation: Early Results on X10

Paul Roubal is a physical therapist, Doctor of Physical Therapy, OCS and owner of Physical Therapy Specialists in Troy, MI. He has been involved with X10 almost from the beginning. His clinic allows patients to continue there home care recovery in an outpatient setting as needed. Paul has lead PTS for many years. Physical Therapy Specialists currently offers or specializes in orthopedics, sports therapy, pain control, frozen shoulder manipulation, TMD, massage therapy, urinary incontinence, and rehabilitation and has been operating in Oakland County with a mission of seriving the patient with the high quality care.

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The Long Road to Recovery. Believe it or not when knee replacements started to be performed in the late 1960’s patients were put in a cast for three months while the cement that held the joints in the bones “set.” And then, once the cast was removed, patients began to build their range of motion… of course scar tissue had set in and it was too late to do anything about it. We have come a long way from those early days. Orthopedic surgeons encourage movement within hours of surgeon today.

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