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Posts Tagged: Revision Surgery

DeClaire and X10: Gary’s Knee Revision Recovery

The first surgery did not work out. Unfortunately it sometimes happens. It is no fun placing blame when something as important as a knee replacement is unsuccessful: the surgery itself, a poor rehab plan, the body’s natural and sometimes rapid creation of scar tissue. What Gary had to deal with for two years before he met Dr. DeClaire and got it right, was no fun at all. Now Gary is back. His knee works like it is suppose to.

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Don’s Knee Replacement Adventure

WARREN, Michigan — What started out as a normal, tried and true knee replacement in February, 2014 quickly turned into a nightmare. “My therapist told me that I would have a permanent limp,” Don told X10 reporter, Lisa Pelley. Dr. DeClaire’s revision surgery and the X10 knee rehabilitation machine turned this very troubling episode in Don’s life into a knee replacement revision success.

Don’s first knee replacement surgery left him with a ROM (range of motion) of 70º. At this ROM (how far you can extend your knee forward and flex your knee back) he was not able to walk, get up from a couch, walk stairs, get in and out of a car without great difficulty.

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A Hard Case: Battling Scar Tissue

Pam was a “high risk” knee patient whose body has a tendency to produce a lot of fluid, and as a result, scar tissue. She had a TKA in 2009. However she experienced issues with the knee; looseness due to the scar tissue in her new knee. After intense treatments (bone scans, CT Scans, steroid injections, physical therapy, dynamic ultrasounds), Pam’s medical team had doubts about her ability to ever recover her full range of motion. She and her team were able to rule out other factors such as infection or allergy.

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Fast Scar Tissue Growth Can Lead to a Manipulation Under Anesthesia

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Michigan — Kathy has been an active golf and tennis player all of her life. Over the past few years knee pain took her out of the game. She received injections for a period of time, but it became apparent that she needed to have her knee replaced. She was very happy to have Dr. Perry Greene perform the surgery, and had expected to be back on the tennis courts within a few months of her surgery.

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Twelve Patients: Knee Surgery Patient Recovery Stories in 3:00 Minutes

You are introduced here to Twelve X10™ patients. There is more to each of their stories; you can watch the full interviews to get all the details of their experiences with X10 right here in Patient Recovery Stories on our website.

Some Excerpts from Knee Surgery Patient Recovery Stories

Kathy was headed for knee manipulation (manual bending of the knee under anesthesia to break up scar tissue) or even, possibly, a revision (second full surgery on the same knee).

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