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Partial Knee Replacement in Your 40’s

STERLING HEIGHTS, Michigan — Having a knee replacement in your 40’s may seem like an extreme situation. But we are seeing more and more patients in the 50’s and even later 40’s. Katarina is one shining example. A knee replacement at exactly 40 years old.

No dancing. No walking normally. No workouts. Plenty of knee pain. A compromised life… way too early. Katarina found Dr. Jeffrey DeClaire just in time for a partial knee replacement that would get her back in the swing of things.

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Football and Knee Replacement DO Mix… Harlan’s Recovery

Harlon got back to coaching Michigan State University’s Football team using the X10 Knee Recovery System

EAST LANSING, Michigan — Harlon is an assistant coach at MSU. Football Coach. American Football, you know – it is a hard job where you are on your feet all day long. It was hard to take a quick break from football and knee replacement seemed like the last thing one would want to do in the summer. But it was a necessity.

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Knee Replacement for Athletes

STAMFORD, Connecticut — Knee Replacement for athletes (current or former) is increasingly common. High school or college athletes, or amateur athletes in their 20’s/30’s can put tremendous demands on their bodies. And the knees usually do most of the “heavy lifting.”

Jim has “played” at a high level of performance all his life. Baseball. Boxing. Golf. Basketball. Tennis. He’s an athlete who is accomplished at many sports. He is a successful entrepreneur. He has great kids and a fantastic wife! So what’s the problem then?

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Dr. Eddie El-Yussif and X10: Darnell’s Recovery

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Michigan — Darnell needed a lot of assistance to get around. For five years the condition of his knee continued to deteriorate. While he approached a knee replacement with apprehension he was very happy that he went ahead with the operation at Henry Ford Medical Center with Dr. Eddie El-Yussif.

His only regret was that he did not do the surgery earlier.

Dr. Eddie El-Yussif is known for his “Rapid Recovery” which minimizes hospital time due to the nature of his surgical technique.

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Thank You Dr. Salama!

BIRMINGHAM, Michigan — High praise for Dr. Salama and the X10 here. John recovered in just a few weeks. His therapist was very pleased with his knee replacement progress in rehabilitation. He regained range of motion quickly. His flexion came back. John was back at it in no time.

“Without a doubt I would recommend this to every patient who has a knee replacement. Without a doubt.”

119º Range of Motion in Two Weeks

John achieved 119º range of motion quickly after his surgery to the delight of his surgeon and doctor.

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Debi only used X10; three weeks and done!

At work Debi was on her feet all day long working for Kohl’s. She had “horrible knees.” It was obvious to her that she needed one or both knees done. Debi was sidelined from family activities because of her knees. With her mobility compromised Debi’s life changed. She hoped that with new knees she would be able to get back to living again. After all the weeds were not going to pull themselves.

“Before the surgery it was hard to ride a bike and I love to ride bikes.

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RECOVERY MATTERS – a BLOG about Knee Replacement Health

Depressed? Maybe its your knee…

Knee Replacement Depression

Post Knee Replacement

We’re working on a theme this month, which is “mobility is everything.”

MO·BIL·I·TY /mōˈbilətē/

If you have it you most likely take it for granted. Take a walk. Take a hike. Ride a bike. Go bowling… you get the idea. But if you do not have it these seemingly simple ideas may feel like impossibilities. Dreams. Wishes for a future that may never come.

For those who recover well from knee replacement these activities become a possibility again.

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New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC: X10 in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic

The X10™ PMKR* machine is now available on the Eastern Seaboard. X10™ (X10 = extension) rehabilitation has been in extensive trials in the midwest for more than four years. We are delighted to be able to offer a significantly better means of recovery from ACL, MCL, knee replacement and knee manipulation. X10 in the Northeast allows thousands of knee patients can now recover more quickly and safely than ever before.

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Ed’s Bilateral Knee Replacement

Ed was prepared for a lot of pain. His readings and even his surgeon warned him of a potentially painful and long recovery from his bilateral knee replacement. He was back to his beloved golf game in two months. Learn here about bilateral knee replacement: Back to Golf in Under 60 Days.

Ed’s Recovery Plan

Ed approached his knee replacement surgery many months in advance and with great care. We can all learn from his methodical way of dealing with such an important event in his life.

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X10 Update April 2014

X10 Research Results Published

With all the knees replaced each year you would think that everyone recovers quickly, has great mobility, and that is that. We took a deep look at a recently published review of all available studies on patient recovery from knee replacement. This is what we found:

After SIX WEEKS the average ROM (range of motion) across the country is a lowly 83º. At 83º, 84º, 85º you cannot even sit properly, much less get up from a chair, walk up (or down) stairs.

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X10-2K Club™ and X10 Improvements

More software improvements, more X10’s in production, X10-2K Club™… take advantage of X10 – you are lucky to have found us!

X10 Update February 2014
Another software update in February. Some small bugs have been addressed in “Extension at the End of the Stroke” in this update. Updates in the data capture also provide now even more complete and consistent wireless data reporting for surgeon and therapist use.

We are expanding our fleet of X10 machines which will increase our capacity by springtime, just in time for “knee season.” Many people elect to have their replacements in the spring to be ready for summer activities.

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Working at the “Edge of Comfort” to Reduce Swelling after Knee Replacement

Immediately following knee replacement, pain and swelling make regaining range of motion a challenge. The swelling inhibits movement as the knee area is bulkier, tender and just not as mobile as it would be without the swelling. And as time goes by the fluid surrounding your knee can create scar tissue, which may permanently impede flexibility if left untreated. Our immediate objective with physical therapy is to reduce swelling after knee replacement while we reconnect the brain to leg muscles (neuromuscular reeducation), get those muscles “firing”, and get range of motion back again.

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Outpatient Therapy with X10: Improving Knee Replacement Results

Nora Cascardo PT, OMPT of Premier Therapy Centers, Inc. She is primarily an orthopedic specialist. She has been using the X10™ in her practice for over three years and has had over 200 patients on the machine in that time period. She has used the X10 for outpatient therapy and new improved knee replacement results have been the result of this work. The X10 gets patients back to normal within weeks whereas with traditional therapy it can take three to six months; furthermore patients knee function is much better after using the X10.

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Range of Motion: Zero and 120º


Mike had to give up working with Brittany Spaniel hunting dogs about five years ago. He just could not keep up. It was good fortune that he and his wife found Dr. James J. Verner for Mike’s knee replacement. Dr. Verner did his typical expert job in surgery, and requested X10 for Mike’s home care therapy.

Within days Mike was walking up and down stairs. Shawn, Mike’s Home Care Physical Therapist from Michigan Community VNA, pushed him to take walks down the driveway.

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A brilliant surgeon and smart rehab


Helen is retired from public education where she was a teacher and administrator. She now works as a consultant in school reform turning around failing schools. Outside of work she skis and plays golf, which is her passion. Helen is also a published author. This story is all about Dr. Verner’s great surgery and Helen’s fast recovery from her second knee replacement.

Right Knee 2012 (conventional rehab)
Left Knee 2013 (rehab with X10)

Knee problems seem to run in her family and indeed, both knees have given her trouble over the past seven years.

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Physical Therapist Interview: Paul Roubal

Advancing Knee Rehabilitation: Early Results on X10

Paul Roubal is a physical therapist, Doctor of Physical Therapy, OCS and owner of Physical Therapy Specialists in Troy, MI. He has been involved with X10 almost from the beginning. His clinic allows patients to continue there home care recovery in an outpatient setting as needed. Paul has lead PTS for many years. Physical Therapy Specialists currently offers or specializes in orthopedics, sports therapy, pain control, frozen shoulder manipulation, TMD, massage therapy, urinary incontinence, and rehabilitation and has been operating in Oakland County with a mission of seriving the patient with the high quality care.

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It takes 117º Range of Motion to Garden

It was six years ago that Michelle learned that arthritis had formed in her knee. Soon after she found that her knee was in a bone-on-bone situation. She dealt with it for as long as she could – not letting this discomfort and lack of mobility really stop her. After five years of suffering it became a bit too much. Michelle is an avid gardener. It takes a range of motion of at least 117º to bend down and do many of the things required to properly care for a garden.

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After Extensive Research Arnie Planned his Surgery and Rehab

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Michigan — Arnie suffered from Polio in his youth. His condition had impact on his life, but he never let it stop him from living a very rich life including becoming a root canal dentist, serving in the Vietnam War, studying photography under Ansel Adams, collecting fine wine, and raising wonderful children… and now grandchildren!

But time can catch up and both of Arnie’s knees become more and more problematic. Prior to his surgery his knees had really become an issue, getting in the way of daily living.

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Part 1: JoAnn

SOUTHGATE, Michigan — JoAnn had a TKA surgery in October 2012, but was never able to get proper extension and flexion after nine months of in-home and outpatient therapy. While her husband had the X10 in the home for his own recovery JoAnn decided to try it for herself to see if it could help. It did! She achieved full range of motion (zero degrees extension and 130 degrees flexion) with only two weeks on the X10.

Part 2: Ervin

Ervin had a TKA in July 2013.

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