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Dr. Robert Ference Provides a Knee Replacement Demonstration

SOTUTHFIELD, Michigan — We caught up with Dr. Robert Ference in December 2016 in his offices in Southfield, MI. He was so generous with his time; our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Ference for such a complete interview. The video here is a very useful Knee Replacement Demonstration that also highlights his use of the Orthosensor®. For more on the Orthosensor® click here.

To learn the basics about X10™ click here. Feel free to call us at any time at 1-855-910-5633.

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Total Knee Replacement, Fast Recovery

MIDLAND, Michigan — Katie has nothing but praise for Dr. Ference. Her saga of knee trouble began in 1999 with a softball injury. At the time she had to have an ACL reconstruction to deal with a Medial Meniscus Tear. 16 years later she had to have a Bucket Handle Meniscus Tear removed. See details on this type of surgery below. Within a year the time had come for a total knee replacement… and a visit to Dr. Ference in Southfield, Michigan.

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Westland Mayor Charles Pickering Total Knee Replacement

WESTLAND, Michigan — Charles found that his mobility was in trouble. His left knee clearly needed care so he set out to find the finest surgeon around. He landed on Dr. Robert Ference. The Mayor’s Knee Replacement was in good hands. Dr. Ference selected Charles to be one of his early X10 patients… and the rest, as one might say, was history. Charles did great. Back to life in no time. And our team at X10 made some new friends in the process.

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Dr. Joseph Salama | What can you do after knee replacement surgery?

Dr. Joseph Salama from Birmingham Integrowth Orthopedics, explains what you can (and cannot) do after a total knee replacement surgery.

About Dr. Salama

Dr. Joseph Salama, MD specializes in general orthopedic surgery, which includes treatment of fractures, arthritis, disorders of bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, reconstructive surgery and arthroscopic surgery. His special areas of interest are total knee and hip replacement, arthroscopic knee surgery, sports injuries, and work related injuries. Dr. Salama was educated at Wayne State University, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in 1971.

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Football and Knee Replacement DO Mix… Harlan’s Recovery

Harlon got back to coaching Michigan State University’s Football team using the X10 Knee Recovery System

EAST LANSING, Michigan — Harlon is an assistant coach at MSU. Football Coach. American Football, you know – it is a hard job where you are on your feet all day long. It was hard to take a quick break from football and knee replacement seemed like the last thing one would want to do in the summer. But it was a necessity.

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Jo’s Knee Replacement – Complete Recovery

Josephine got back to normal quickly after a total knee replacement surgery by Dr. Jason Cochran

LANSING, Michigan — Jo is an avid tennis player. Over time arthritis kicked in and her game was compromised. It was time for knee replacement and she turned to Dr. Jason Cochran.

After surgery in the hospital Jo’s range of motion was very poor. When she got home her bending was only 60º. That was the starting point. On the X10 she jumped to the “head of the class” on range of motion, was walking stairs, and was at 121º range of motion at only 15 days post surgery.

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Accelerated TKA Recovery on the Second Knee

SOUTHGATE, Michigan — JoAnn watched her husband, Ervin, recover from knee replacement surgery on both of his knees. She had had a knee replaced 10 months prior, but was still working on getting back to normal. She tried the machine while it was in her house for Ervin and she was hooked. For her second knee replacement… X10 for certain! You can read Ervin’s story here.

JoAnn and Ervin are the best advertisers of the X10 we could ever have.

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Bradford Medical Resort

Joan Recovered from Knee Surgery at Boulevard’s Bradford Medical Resort

Joan could not have been happier with her decision to recover at Boulevard’s Bradford Medical Resort. If you watch the interview here you will get her appraisel of Boulevard and the therapy that she received there. What you will not really see in our interview, as it ended up on the “cutting room floor”, are those less medical and more enjoyable aspects of her recovery at Boulevard.

Why Boulevard
Joan loved the food.

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Knee Replacement for Athletes

STAMFORD, Connecticut — Knee Replacement for athletes (current or former) is increasingly common. High school or college athletes, or amateur athletes in their 20’s/30’s can put tremendous demands on their bodies. And the knees usually do most of the “heavy lifting.”

Jim has “played” at a high level of performance all his life. Baseball. Boxing. Golf. Basketball. Tennis. He’s an athlete who is accomplished at many sports. He is a successful entrepreneur. He has great kids and a fantastic wife! So what’s the problem then?

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RECOVERY MATTERS – a BLOG about Knee Replacement Health We are pleased to present Part I of a series of articles written by our first guest blogger.

Merlin TKA, 2014

Merlin’s Story: Part I

My name is Merlin and I am a Management Consultant to the small business sector. I live in a small town in Western Maryland and have managed arthritis in the right knee for about 25 years and the left knee for about 15. I finally had a right knee replacement after several months of debilitating pain that severely curtailed my daily activities.

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RECOVERY MATTERS – a BLOG about Knee Replacement Health This is Part II of a series of articles written by guest blogger, Merlin.

Merlin TKA, 2014

Preparing for Surgery

Living alone and facing knee replacement surgery poses some unique challenges that could impact the recovery process. This cannot be underplayed since recovery is largely dependent on the support of a network of people, both professionals and social. While we might assume that there are professional networks in place into which we can be linked through – doctors, social workers, and in many cases insurance companies, unless we have a wide network of family and active friendships – people who live near you and whose schedules allow an easy inflow of support – there can be problems.

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Dr. Eddie El-Yussif and X10: Darnell’s Recovery

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Michigan — Darnell needed a lot of assistance to get around. For five years the condition of his knee continued to deteriorate. While he approached a knee replacement with apprehension he was very happy that he went ahead with the operation at Henry Ford Medical Center with Dr. Eddie El-Yussif.

His only regret was that he did not do the surgery earlier.

Dr. Eddie El-Yussif is known for his “Rapid Recovery” which minimizes hospital time due to the nature of his surgical technique.

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Dr. Tom O’Keefe – Getting Griff Back on the Golf Course

ANN ARBOR, Michigan — Griff was sure he had the right surgeon in Dr. Tom O’Keefe. And he was right about that. What he was not sure about what his rehab… the “other half of knee surgery.” He found our website, put in a call and secured an X10™ for his recovery. And he was glad he did. Griff’s range of motion after five days beat the average patient at six weeks post surgery. Golf after total knee replacement became a reality.

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A Knee “Rehabbed”

Greg had a knee replaced by Dr. Perkins who was recommended by Greg’s family physician. Dr. Tom Perkins performs orthopedic as part of the team at Crittenton Hospital.

Greg had hoped that he might just be able to continue with shots in his knees “forever” without having to go ahead with surgery. As Greg’s wife Patricia says, “he was in a lot of pain and he couldn’t walk well.” As time went by Dr. Perkins finally said it was time, and they went forward with the surgery.

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Dr. Eddie El-Yussif and X10: Lois Gets Max Knee Range of Motion

Lois has nothing but good things to say about Dr. El-Yussif. The surgery went like clockwork. The recovery was fast and highly successful. Lois is back to her life… “in no time.” She achieved the best knee range of motion possible within a few weeks of her knee replacement surgery.

Lois met Dr. Eddie El-Yussif at a joint replacement seminar at Henry Ford Hospital. She came with a list of questions as did most of the attendees, all of which were answered.

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DeClaire and X10: Gary’s Knee Revision Recovery

The first surgery did not work out. Unfortunately it sometimes happens. It is no fun placing blame when something as important as a knee replacement is unsuccessful: the surgery itself, a poor rehab plan, the body’s natural and sometimes rapid creation of scar tissue. What Gary had to deal with for two years before he met Dr. DeClaire and got it right, was no fun at all. Now Gary is back. His knee works like it is suppose to.

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RECOVERY MATTERS – a BLOG about Knee Replacement Health

Depressed? Maybe its your knee…

Knee Replacement Depression

Post Knee Replacement

We’re working on a theme this month, which is “mobility is everything.”

MO·BIL·I·TY /mōˈbilətē/

If you have it you most likely take it for granted. Take a walk. Take a hike. Ride a bike. Go bowling… you get the idea. But if you do not have it these seemingly simple ideas may feel like impossibilities. Dreams. Wishes for a future that may never come.

For those who recover well from knee replacement these activities become a possibility again.

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What is X10?

You Choose Your Rehab

X10 Knee Rehabilitation

The X10 is a knee rehab machine that will gently help you get to your target range of motion before scar tissue can get in the way. It has been available to patients in Michigan under the care of top surgeons and therapists for the past four years. Thousands of patients have recovered on the X10 to date.

The X10 is now available for placement in patients’ homes for the weeks immediately following knee replacement surgery and knee manipulation in:






In the X10 you have a tool that puts the control over your knee’s recovery in your hands.

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Cane After Knee Replacement?

Larry and Karen

Renewed Vows

Larry is 65 years old and is retired. He and his wife Karen are taking advantage of every minute of this new found freedom. The only thing getting in the way has been knee pain. The shots he took started wearing off faster and faster… then they just stopped working. And the pain just never went away. The last thing he wanted was to rely upon a cane after knee replacement.

Skeet shooting is a passion for Larry. The twisting movement in swinging a shotgun came to be a challenge.

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