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Posts Tagged: Pain Medication

Missing the window to build range of motion


October, 2013
Mel had a left knee replacement in 2011, before the X10™ knee machine was available. He put it off for as long as he could. He went through many of the usual steps including arthroscopic surgery to clean up his meniscus prior to deciding to go ahead with a surgery. Mel did three days of therapy for two months prior to his operation to prepare for the procedure which was really smart. We recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to prepare their knee for surgery do so to make rehab all the easier.

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After Extensive Research Arnie Planned his Surgery and Rehab

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Michigan — Arnie suffered from Polio in his youth. His condition had impact on his life, but he never let it stop him from living a very rich life including becoming a root canal dentist, serving in the Vietnam War, studying photography under Ansel Adams, collecting fine wine, and raising wonderful children… and now grandchildren!

But time can catch up and both of Arnie’s knees become more and more problematic. Prior to his surgery his knees had really become an issue, getting in the way of daily living.

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Part 1: JoAnn

SOUTHGATE, Michigan — JoAnn had a TKA surgery in October 2012, but was never able to get proper extension and flexion after nine months of in-home and outpatient therapy. While her husband had the X10 in the home for his own recovery JoAnn decided to try it for herself to see if it could help. It did! She achieved full range of motion (zero degrees extension and 130 degrees flexion) with only two weeks on the X10.

Part 2: Ervin

Ervin had a TKA in July 2013.

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