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Posts Tagged: Outpatient Therapy

Sue was back on a bike after knee replacement – in three weeks

HUDSON VALLEY, New York — The best phone call we can get is from a patient who has graduated from X10™ after their knee replacement, and is ready to move on. Job done. Box checked. Knee better. Patient… happy! So we were quite pleased to get that phone call from Sue after only three weeks. Both knees were working as she had hoped, Sue was doing the stairs, walking just fine and putting in miles on her stationary bicycle.

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Julia Home to Outpatient Care

Recovered in Four Weeks

Julia & Outpatient Care

Complete Rehab these last two weeks for Julia.

We posted two weeks ago about how Julia raced to great heights with VNA and home care and was headed to outpatient care at Complete Rehab. Now – after two weeks of rehab with Clare and the therapy team – Julia is doing as well as one could ever hope. Her meeting yesterday with Dr. El-Yussif went extremely well four weeks after surgery. I texted with Julia today and she was full of positive energy.

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Introducing Julia

From Home to Outpatient Care this week: Julia owns her own business in Rochester Hills, Michigan. She is an avid motorcyclist, riding both on her own bike as well as on the back of friends’ bikes. Her love of fun, biking and making the most out of every day of her life was compromised by increasing difficulties with her knee.

Working as a massage therapist puts you on your feet all day long. An unreliable and painful knee was not going to work for Julia so she started to explore her options.

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Most Importantly Our Patients Get Well, Fast

Six Interviews

We have been very busy helping knee patients in Michigan recovery from knee surgery this spring. And we captured some wonderful interviews of a few of them recently. We have patients experiencing significant range of motion progress. Click on any link below to view the interview.

Kevin’s athletic schedule takes your breath away.

Linda reminds everyone that “move it or lose it”, could never be more true than with knee rehab.

Mike is quite matter of fact about surgeons’ use of X10, “if they do not think you need it bull#$%*!”

Julia broke records for Range of Motion at 10 days – making Dr.

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Outpatient Therapy with X10: Improving Knee Replacement Results

Nora Cascardo PT, OMPT of Premier Therapy Centers, Inc. She is primarily an orthopedic specialist. She has been using the X10™ in her practice for over three years and has had over 200 patients on the machine in that time period. She has used the X10 for outpatient therapy and new improved knee replacement results have been the result of this work. The X10 gets patients back to normal within weeks whereas with traditional therapy it can take three to six months; furthermore patients knee function is much better after using the X10.

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Physical Therapist Interview: Paul Roubal

Advancing Knee Rehabilitation: Early Results on X10

Paul Roubal is a physical therapist, Doctor of Physical Therapy, OCS and owner of Physical Therapy Specialists in Troy, MI. He has been involved with X10 almost from the beginning. His clinic allows patients to continue there home care recovery in an outpatient setting as needed. Paul has lead PTS for many years. Physical Therapy Specialists currently offers or specializes in orthopedics, sports therapy, pain control, frozen shoulder manipulation, TMD, massage therapy, urinary incontinence, and rehabilitation and has been operating in Oakland County with a mission of seriving the patient with the high quality care.

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After Extensive Research Arnie Planned his Surgery and Rehab

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Michigan — Arnie suffered from Polio in his youth. His condition had impact on his life, but he never let it stop him from living a very rich life including becoming a root canal dentist, serving in the Vietnam War, studying photography under Ansel Adams, collecting fine wine, and raising wonderful children… and now grandchildren!

But time can catch up and both of Arnie’s knees become more and more problematic. Prior to his surgery his knees had really become an issue, getting in the way of daily living.

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The Battle Against Arthritis

Marilyn was an active golfer. No golf carts, she preferred to walk the courses. That all changed when she started experiencing issues with her knee. Marilyn spent the last two years suffering from arthritis – which got worse and worse. In fact she started using a cane to get around the house. In January 2013 Marilyn went through cortisone treatments, and tried to get her leg back in shape for her busy life. It did not work. Finally she elected to have a total knee replacement.

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A Hard Case: Battling Scar Tissue

Pam was a “high risk” knee patient whose body has a tendency to produce a lot of fluid, and as a result, scar tissue. She had a TKA in 2009. However she experienced issues with the knee; looseness due to the scar tissue in her new knee. After intense treatments (bone scans, CT Scans, steroid injections, physical therapy, dynamic ultrasounds), Pam’s medical team had doubts about her ability to ever recover her full range of motion. She and her team were able to rule out other factors such as infection or allergy.

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