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Posts Tagged: Managing Pain

Luis’ Recovery Stalled after ACL Surgery. The X10™ Got Him Better

HACKENSACK, New Jersey — Luis found the X10™ at nine (9) weeks post ACL Repair and Micro-fracture Surgery. His surgeon, Dr. Deepan Patel, learned of the X10 and quickly supported Luis’ immediate use of the X10 in his home.

After completion of four weeks on the X10 (by week 13 post surgery), three 30-minute sessions per day utilizing 7 lbs. of pressure modulation, Luis was able to achieve the following:

Flexion: 120º
Greatly improved gait pattern with no crutches (pain-free)

Luis’ quest after ACL surgery, to avoid a manipulation (MUA), and to avoid the extreme PT pain that he had been experiencing began in earnest on the day the X10 arrived in his home.

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RECOVERY MATTERS – a BLOG about Knee Replacement Health. This is Part III (A) of a series of articles written by guest blogger, Merlin.

Merlin TKA, 2014

Pain Management

Portrait of a Recovery Derailed
Perhaps I need to begin this article with a reminder that this is a personal journey and I make no claim that my conclusions are based on empirical research. Pain Management is possibly the most crucial aspect of the recovery process with any surgery. Effective pain management is the first layer of building that trust relationship that allows the patient to be an active partner in their own healing from the inception.

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RECOVERY MATTERS – a BLOG about Knee Replacement Health

Knee Replacement Coach: You are the Coach of “Team Knee”

In the end it is your knee. Which means that nobody cares about it as much as you do… after all you’re the one who is going to need that knee for the years to come. Learn about about total knee replacement facts about recovery here.

Knee Replacement Coach

Coach “Team Knee”

So once the orthopedic surgeon, and the therapists have all done their jobs after your knee replacement surgery, you’re the one who will have to look at yourself in the mirror and decide if you have done absolutely everything you could to get your mobility back.

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The Body’s Repair System After Knee Replacement

When the body repairs itself after a wound or deeply invasive surgery like a knee replacement it does so by creating new tissues that are very strong, but not elastic. The body cannot rebuild elastic tissue. Fibrosis is a proliferation of strong fibrous connective tissue that the body builds to replace the tissue lost in a knee replacement surgery.

During the earliest stage of repair the injured cells turn into adhesions, which are basically dead cells that need to be replaced.

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Perfect Storm

“Total Knee Recovery: It Was The Perfect Storm”

Jim is near and dear to our hearts at X10! He was one of our very first patients. A preacher, wonderful father, grandfather and smart business man, Jim needed a quick recovery from his first knee surgery. He trusted our team and the X10. We were so delighted with his progress, as was Dr. Meisel and his therapy team led by Clare Clor at Complete Physical Therapy.

Eleven days post surgery Jim walked into his surgeon’s office without a cane and without a walker – shocking and delighting his friends, family and medical team!

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Missing the window to build range of motion


October, 2013
Mel had a left knee replacement in 2011, before the X10™ knee machine was available. He put it off for as long as he could. He went through many of the usual steps including arthroscopic surgery to clean up his meniscus prior to deciding to go ahead with a surgery. Mel did three days of therapy for two months prior to his operation to prepare for the procedure which was really smart. We recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to prepare their knee for surgery do so to make rehab all the easier.

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Complete Recovery in Virginia

Tom has a lot going on with his business, well… just about always. His career has put him on oil rigs, at Superbowl’s, working with many “mover’s and shakers” in Washington DC. His goal for his knee replacement was simply to minimize the amount of time spent away from his office while getting back his ability to walk normally. Knowing that a TKA was upcoming he did his very best to plan out a smart recovery. The X10™ knee replacement machine is not yet widely available in Virginia, but Tommy’s persistence made us move (small) mountains to get a machine in his home for his recovery.

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Part 1: JoAnn

SOUTHGATE, Michigan — JoAnn had a TKA surgery in October 2012, but was never able to get proper extension and flexion after nine months of in-home and outpatient therapy. While her husband had the X10 in the home for his own recovery JoAnn decided to try it for herself to see if it could help. It did! She achieved full range of motion (zero degrees extension and 130 degrees flexion) with only two weeks on the X10.

Part 2: Ervin

Ervin had a TKA in July 2013.

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Sandy recovered so fast that her therapist ran out of exercises for her

Sandy has amazed her friends and relatives with her fast recovery from her knee replacement. Many assumed her surgery was “only a partial [knee] replacement” because she was back on her feet so quickly. Enrolled in the Fast Track program by Dr. Verner, Sandra flew through her therapy in-home from Michigan VNA. Her progress was so complete in the first two weeks of rehab, that her therapist, Shawn, had to consult on next steps for her final days on X10.

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