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RECOVERY MATTERS – a BLOG about Knee Replacement Health This is an educational essay designed to help patients who are facing challenges with their knee rehabilitation at home or in an Outpatient PT setting. We want to acknowledge the valuable contributions of Jason Shepherd, BScPT, Injury Prevention Consultant to this article. For more information about Jason and his practice, click here.

The Nemesis to Traditional Knee Rehabilitation – How to Avoid PT Pain

Dr. Erik Dolton, PhD, has spent considerable time studying the condition known as Protective Muscle Guarding.

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Pat’s Knee Replacement – Complete Recovery

HOLT, Michigan — Pat is a retired RN. Her knee started to get in the way of sleep and stairs over the past few years. It was Dr. Mesko who recommended total knee replacement with Dr. Jason Cochran.

After surgery Pat used the X10 Knee Recovery System™. She had a previous knee done without the X10. There was no comparison – the X10 Knee was way ahead. Even the incision line healed better; the whole recovery was superior with the X10.

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Football and Knee Replacement DO Mix… Harlan’s Recovery

Harlon got back to coaching Michigan State University’s Football team using the X10 Knee Recovery System

EAST LANSING, Michigan — Harlon is an assistant coach at MSU. Football Coach. American Football, you know – it is a hard job where you are on your feet all day long. It was hard to take a quick break from football and knee replacement seemed like the last thing one would want to do in the summer. But it was a necessity.

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Jo’s Knee Replacement – Complete Recovery

Josephine got back to normal quickly after a total knee replacement surgery by Dr. Jason Cochran

LANSING, Michigan — Jo is an avid tennis player. Over time arthritis kicked in and her game was compromised. It was time for knee replacement and she turned to Dr. Jason Cochran.

After surgery in the hospital Jo’s range of motion was very poor. When she got home her bending was only 60º. That was the starting point. On the X10 she jumped to the “head of the class” on range of motion, was walking stairs, and was at 121º range of motion at only 15 days post surgery.

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135º Range of Motion After Knee Replacement

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Michigan — Jamie was planning for the usual 3-6 months of recovery from his total knee replacement with Dr. Perry Greene. Instead of an extended rehab he was at 135 degrees range of motion within a month of his surgery. That means he could move and walk without any restrictions. Stairs, riding a stationary bicycle, bending… back to normal.

In our interview with Jamie (see video box on this page) you meet a man with great enthusiasm who was highly impressed with his abbreviated recuperation from his total knee replacement surgery.

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Knee Replacement for Athletes

STAMFORD, Connecticut — Knee Replacement for athletes (current or former) is increasingly common. High school or college athletes, or amateur athletes in their 20’s/30’s can put tremendous demands on their bodies. And the knees usually do most of the “heavy lifting.”

Jim has “played” at a high level of performance all his life. Baseball. Boxing. Golf. Basketball. Tennis. He’s an athlete who is accomplished at many sports. He is a successful entrepreneur. He has great kids and a fantastic wife! So what’s the problem then?

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RECOVERY MATTERS – a BLOG about Knee Replacement Health This is Part II of a series of articles written by guest blogger, Merlin.

Merlin TKA, 2014

Preparing for Surgery

Living alone and facing knee replacement surgery poses some unique challenges that could impact the recovery process. This cannot be underplayed since recovery is largely dependent on the support of a network of people, both professionals and social. While we might assume that there are professional networks in place into which we can be linked through – doctors, social workers, and in many cases insurance companies, unless we have a wide network of family and active friendships – people who live near you and whose schedules allow an easy inflow of support – there can be problems.

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RECOVERY MATTERS – a BLOG about Knee Replacement Health. This is the conclusion, Part IV, of a series of articles written by guest blogger, Merlin.

Merlin TKA, 2014

More Hurdles

There is some part of our psyche that allows us to believe in silver linings. So having “escaped” my erstwhile rehab facility one week after getting there, I felt that I was on my way to a seamless recovery because I had paid my dues. Well more fool me, I did not factor good old Murphy and his law.

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Dr. Eddie El-Yussif and X10: Darnell’s Recovery

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Michigan — Darnell needed a lot of assistance to get around. For five years the condition of his knee continued to deteriorate. While he approached a knee replacement with apprehension he was very happy that he went ahead with the operation at Henry Ford Medical Center with Dr. Eddie El-Yussif.

His only regret was that he did not do the surgery earlier.

Dr. Eddie El-Yussif is known for his “Rapid Recovery” which minimizes hospital time due to the nature of his surgical technique.

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Bird Hunting in Iowa No Longer Possible

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Michigan — Jim is still an Iowa farm boy at heart, if not in practice. He continues to enjoy trips back home to Iowa hunting birds and enjoying the fresh air. He has also made many trips to Canada to hunt, and get the most out of the wild country up north. In addition to hunting upload birds, Jim is an avid golfer. All this joy of the outdoors was at risk because of a bone-on-bone condition in Jim’s left knee.

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Debi only used X10; three weeks and done!

At work Debi was on her feet all day long working for Kohl’s. She had “horrible knees.” It was obvious to her that she needed one or both knees done. Debi was sidelined from family activities because of her knees. With her mobility compromised Debi’s life changed. She hoped that with new knees she would be able to get back to living again. After all the weeds were not going to pull themselves.

“Before the surgery it was hard to ride a bike and I love to ride bikes.

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A Knee “Rehabbed”

Greg had a knee replaced by Dr. Perkins who was recommended by Greg’s family physician. Dr. Tom Perkins performs orthopedic as part of the team at Crittenton Hospital.

Greg had hoped that he might just be able to continue with shots in his knees “forever” without having to go ahead with surgery. As Greg’s wife Patricia says, “he was in a lot of pain and he couldn’t walk well.” As time went by Dr. Perkins finally said it was time, and they went forward with the surgery.

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Dr. Eddie El-Yussif and X10: Lois Gets Max Knee Range of Motion

Lois has nothing but good things to say about Dr. El-Yussif. The surgery went like clockwork. The recovery was fast and highly successful. Lois is back to her life… “in no time.” She achieved the best knee range of motion possible within a few weeks of her knee replacement surgery.

Lois met Dr. Eddie El-Yussif at a joint replacement seminar at Henry Ford Hospital. She came with a list of questions as did most of the attendees, all of which were answered.

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DeClaire and X10: Louis’ Knee Recovery

Louis and his wife winter in Florida. That means golf, golf and more golf. So Louis timed his knee replacement with Dr. Jeffrey DeClaire very carefully. Maybe he was a bit conservative in his estimation of his recovery time. The fact is he was up, walking normally at two weeks. Active range of motion at the doctor’s office: 125 degrees. Passive range of motion on the X10: 135 degrees. These are numbers you would not expect to see at 6 months based on all national studies of patient range of motion results after knee replacement.

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Bilateral Knee Replacement Recovery

At a very young age Betsy decided to have both knees replaced at once. She selected the Conformis Knee and Drs. Lederman and Kwartowitz. And she went out of her way to include the X10 in her recovery. She is very glad that she did as she achieved excellent range of motion quickly after her surgery. Two months later Betsy has both of these new knees on the tennis court again!

Declining Mobility over the Past Five Years

Betsy is 52.

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DeClaire and X10: Gary’s Knee Revision Recovery

The first surgery did not work out. Unfortunately it sometimes happens. It is no fun placing blame when something as important as a knee replacement is unsuccessful: the surgery itself, a poor rehab plan, the body’s natural and sometimes rapid creation of scar tissue. What Gary had to deal with for two years before he met Dr. DeClaire and got it right, was no fun at all. Now Gary is back. His knee works like it is suppose to.

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RECOVERY MATTERS – a BLOG about Knee Replacement Health

Depressed? Maybe its your knee…

Knee Replacement Depression

Post Knee Replacement

We’re working on a theme this month, which is “mobility is everything.”

MO·BIL·I·TY /mōˈbilətē/

If you have it you most likely take it for granted. Take a walk. Take a hike. Ride a bike. Go bowling… you get the idea. But if you do not have it these seemingly simple ideas may feel like impossibilities. Dreams. Wishes for a future that may never come.

For those who recover well from knee replacement these activities become a possibility again.

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Pressure Modulated Knee Rehabilitation

The X10 is a Pressure Modulated Knee Rehab machine (PMKR). It is the only device of it’s kind.
Early after surgery the X10 moves your leg for you, to the edge of your comfort zone. The device allows you to quickly expand your range of motion and find your limits each day. The X10 pushes your limts gently, but steadily, toward your ultimate goal. It constantly monitors your knee’s tension and tightness during exercise. It encourages you to make progress when you are ready, but does not push you when you are not.

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New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC: X10 in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic

The X10™ PMKR* machine is now available on the Eastern Seaboard. X10™ (X10 = extension) rehabilitation has been in extensive trials in the midwest for more than four years. We are delighted to be able to offer a significantly better means of recovery from ACL, MCL, knee replacement and knee manipulation. X10 in the Northeast allows thousands of knee patients can now recover more quickly and safely than ever before.

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