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Lisa Thumb

A Therapist Explains Scar Tissue in the Knee

We introduced this video about scar tissue in the knee more than two years ago. Since then it has become a YouTube wonder video and has been praised far and wide as the single most helpful video to watch prior to Knee Replacement Surgery.

About the Author

Lisa Alarcon is the Director of Physical Therapy at Michigan Community VNA. She received a Masters Degree of Physical Therapy from Oakland University. She has a long record of work in Orthopedics, with Parkenson’s Disease and in Geriatric rehabilitation.

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DeClaire and X10: Gary’s Knee Revision Recovery

The first surgery did not work out. Unfortunately it sometimes happens. It is no fun placing blame when something as important as a knee replacement is unsuccessful: the surgery itself, a poor rehab plan, the body’s natural and sometimes rapid creation of scar tissue. What Gary had to deal with for two years before he met Dr. DeClaire and got it right, was no fun at all. Now Gary is back. His knee works like it is suppose to.

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RECOVERY MATTERS – a BLOG about Knee Replacement Health
Surgeons Talk About Scar Tissue

Scar Tissue and TKA

Should surgeons talk about scar tissue? Henry’s situation.

Henry’s path to knee replacement surgery is like that of many who are seeking relief from knee pain and getting back to the life they led before their mobility was compromised. He is 75 years old and has been very active all his life. Henry eventually experienced severe knee pain, received shots relieve the pain and to keep going, and finally was designated a candidate for knee replacement surgery.

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The body makes scar tissue that you do not want

After surgery your body’s natural process is to flood the knee area with fluid that rebuilds crucial tissue. In this fluid fibroblasts lay down non-elastic collagen in place of the elastic tissue (elastin) that was once in your knee joint.

Watch this brief summary of the major issues surrounding fibrosis and recovery from Total Knee Arthroplasty (knee replacement) by clicking the play button on this page. For the full video series from Dr. Moon click here.

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Retraining Your Muscles after Total Knee Replacement

Neuromuscular reeducation refers to the attempt to retrain the neuromuscular system to function properly. The basis of this idea is that the formation of certain patterns of communication between muscles and nerves allow people to perform simple everyday acts such as climbing stairs. Normal patterns of movement can be disrupted by injuries or may be impaired in people with certain medical conditions. The general aim is either to re-establish normal patterns of movement in injured people or to create normal patterns of movement.

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Dr Moon Photo

Pathologist Interview: Dr. Michael Moon

This is a four part series based on an in-depth interview with Pathologist, PHD, MD Michael Moon. Dr. Michael Mark Moon MD is a Pathologist with 21 years of experience and practices in Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Pathology and Anatomic Pathology. Dr. Moon is a member of Crittenton Hospital. Dr. Moon has extensive knowledge of anatomical and clinical pathology. His knowledge of the processes inside the body when it comes to arthritis, knee fluids, recovery from surgery and the dangers of stasis will help you understand what your body is going through before and after a TKA operation.

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Knee Replacement: The Therapist Perspective

This is a four part series based on an in-depth interview with Lisa Alarcon, a highly respected physical therapist, who shares her extensive knowledge of best practices in post TKA knee rehabilitation. Lisa Alarcon has been working with the X10 since its introduction. Lisa has both the educational background and the field experience to put this new technology in perspective.

Included here is information that orthopedic surgeons do not generally share with their patients. Of particular value to you is the information about scar tissue found in Part Four.

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Outpatient Therapy with X10: Improving Knee Replacement Results

Nora Cascardo PT, OMPT of Premier Therapy Centers, Inc. She is primarily an orthopedic specialist. She has been using the X10™ in her practice for over three years and has had over 200 patients on the machine in that time period. She has used the X10 for outpatient therapy and new improved knee replacement results have been the result of this work. The X10 gets patients back to normal within weeks whereas with traditional therapy it can take three to six months; furthermore patients knee function is much better after using the X10.

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The Body’s Repair System After Knee Replacement

When the body repairs itself after a wound or deeply invasive surgery like a knee replacement it does so by creating new tissues that are very strong, but not elastic. The body cannot rebuild elastic tissue. Fibrosis is a proliferation of strong fibrous connective tissue that the body builds to replace the tissue lost in a knee replacement surgery.

During the earliest stage of repair the injured cells turn into adhesions, which are basically dead cells that need to be replaced.

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Physical Therapist Interview: Paul Roubal

Advancing Knee Rehabilitation: Early Results on X10

Paul Roubal is a physical therapist, Doctor of Physical Therapy, OCS and owner of Physical Therapy Specialists in Troy, MI. He has been involved with X10 almost from the beginning. His clinic allows patients to continue there home care recovery in an outpatient setting as needed. Paul has lead PTS for many years. Physical Therapy Specialists currently offers or specializes in orthopedics, sports therapy, pain control, frozen shoulder manipulation, TMD, massage therapy, urinary incontinence, and rehabilitation and has been operating in Oakland County with a mission of seriving the patient with the high quality care.

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