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The Fundamental Medical Advantages of the X10 for TKA Recovery

Dr. David Halley worked with the founder of modern hip replacement, Sir John Charnley, early in his career. He witnessed the revolutionary nature of Dr. Charnley’s work first hand in an extended residency in London. Essentially this was the birth of modern joint replacement. Many would follow, applying the genius of Dr. Charnley to hips, shoulders, ankles and, of course knees. Working directly with Dr. Charnley created the foundation on which a young David Halley based his long and highly successful orthopedic surgery career in Columbus, Ohio.

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Cheryl, Pickelball, Dr. Derek Farr, Total Knee Replacement

THE VILLAGES, Florida — Cheryl is a highly active person. Walking, biking, competitive sports including her beloved Pickleball – a staple sport in The Villages, Florida. After 30 years of working in the U.S. Postal Service in Michigan her left knee needed some attention. Enter Dr. Derek Farr of Twin Palm Orthopedics in Ocala, Florida. Dr. Farr offered Cheryl a wide range of options. She could have continued with a series of cortisone injections to stave off surgery, but Dr.

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Partial Knee Replacement in Your 40’s

STERLING HEIGHTS, Michigan — Having a knee replacement in your 40’s may seem like an extreme situation. But we are seeing more and more patients in the 50’s and even later 40’s. Katarina is one shining example. A knee replacement at exactly 40 years old.

No dancing. No walking normally. No workouts. Plenty of knee pain. A compromised life… way too early. Katarina found Dr. Jeffrey DeClaire just in time for a partial knee replacement that would get her back in the swing of things.

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Football and Knee Replacement DO Mix… Harlan’s Recovery

Harlon got back to coaching Michigan State University’s Football team using the X10 Knee Recovery System

EAST LANSING, Michigan — Harlon is an assistant coach at MSU. Football Coach. American Football, you know – it is a hard job where you are on your feet all day long. It was hard to take a quick break from football and knee replacement seemed like the last thing one would want to do in the summer. But it was a necessity.

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Jo’s Knee Replacement – Complete Recovery

Josephine got back to normal quickly after a total knee replacement surgery by Dr. Jason Cochran

LANSING, Michigan — Jo is an avid tennis player. Over time arthritis kicked in and her game was compromised. It was time for knee replacement and she turned to Dr. Jason Cochran.

After surgery in the hospital Jo’s range of motion was very poor. When she got home her bending was only 60º. That was the starting point. On the X10 she jumped to the “head of the class” on range of motion, was walking stairs, and was at 121º range of motion at only 15 days post surgery.

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RECOVERY MATTERS – a BLOG about Knee Replacement Health We are pleased to present Sue B. who describes her bilateral knee replacement with Dr. Scott Russinoff at Hudson Valley Hospital Center.
Sue B. in the Kitchen

Sue in the Kitchen

Leading Up to My Bilateral Knee Surgery

HUDSON VALLEY, New York — My name is Sue. I began having knee troubles 25 years ago when I decided to reminisce like I was back in HS and go skiing. I never realized how high the mountain was or how fast I would be going.

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Fireman Down, Needs Total Knee Replacement, X10™ to the Rescue

CHICAGO, Illinois — Charlie’s background borders on the heroic. We learned so much about him in our recent interview that impressed us to no end. Football coach. Chicago fireman and Fireman Calendar Cover Guy. Father of a young son. Just an overall wonderful guy! So we were honored to be a part of Charlie’s recovery from his total knee replacement surgery. He is our first “Calendar Guy with a Total Knee Replacement!!”

Getting Back in the Game
Charlie’s knee had been a problem since the 1970’s.

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Accelerated TKA Recovery on the Second Knee

SOUTHGATE, Michigan — JoAnn watched her husband, Ervin, recover from knee replacement surgery on both of his knees. She had had a knee replaced 10 months prior, but was still working on getting back to normal. She tried the machine while it was in her house for Ervin and she was hooked. For her second knee replacement… X10 for certain! You can read Ervin’s story here.

JoAnn and Ervin are the best advertisers of the X10 we could ever have.

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135º Range of Motion After Knee Replacement

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Michigan — Jamie was planning for the usual 3-6 months of recovery from his total knee replacement with Dr. Perry Greene. Instead of an extended rehab he was at 135 degrees range of motion within a month of his surgery. That means he could move and walk without any restrictions. Stairs, riding a stationary bicycle, bending… back to normal.

In our interview with Jamie (see video box on this page) you meet a man with great enthusiasm who was highly impressed with his abbreviated recuperation from his total knee replacement surgery.

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Recovery at Boulevard

Claudia’s Recovery at Boulevard

Claudia recovered quickly from her total knee replacement with Dr. Jeffrey DeClaire. The surgery was performed at Crittenton Hospital and Claudia went straight to Boulevard Health Center after a short hospital stay. Her recovery at Boulevard went like a dream.

She loved everything about her experience at Boulevard. She will repeat the whole process again on the other knee expecting the staff to have to “chase her out” after another successful surgery, rehab and recovery.

About Dr. Jeffrey DeClaire

Jeffrey H.

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Botsford Commons: Rehabilitation and Continuing Care

A Short-Term Stop on the Road to Long-Term Recovery

Botsford Commons centers its knee surgery care around the X10 Knee Rehabilitation Machine delivering superior results and shortening the stay for total knee replacement patients.

A Fast Recovery at Botsford Commons
Whether you come to us at 18 or 84, following joint replacement, surgery, illness or injury, the experts at the Botsford Commons Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Center will create a comprehensive, customized care plan just for you – with all the conveniences and comforts our continuum of care offers.

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Bradford Medical Resort

Joan Recovered from Knee Surgery at Boulevard’s Bradford Medical Resort

Joan could not have been happier with her decision to recover at Boulevard’s Bradford Medical Resort. If you watch the interview here you will get her appraisel of Boulevard and the therapy that she received there. What you will not really see in our interview, as it ended up on the “cutting room floor”, are those less medical and more enjoyable aspects of her recovery at Boulevard.

Why Boulevard
Joan loved the food.

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Carl Felt ‘Right at Home’ After Knee Replacement

HAMDEN, Connecticut — Carl has had a good deal of experience with knee surgery. Long ago a basketball injury required treatment by Dr. Aversa. So when it came to knee replacement surgery first on his right knee and then his left knee, Carl contacted Dr. Aversa and got himself prepared for what he expected to be a very big ordeal. His goal was driving after knee replacement, to get back to his busy life quickly.

Carl found out about the X10 and booked a machine and home care from Keep Me Home.

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Sue was back on a bike after knee replacement – in three weeks

HUDSON VALLEY, New York — The best phone call we can get is from a patient who has graduated from X10™ after their knee replacement, and is ready to move on. Job done. Box checked. Knee better. Patient… happy! So we were quite pleased to get that phone call from Sue after only three weeks. Both knees were working as she had hoped, Sue was doing the stairs, walking just fine and putting in miles on her stationary bicycle.

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Knee Replacement for Athletes

STAMFORD, Connecticut — Knee Replacement for athletes (current or former) is increasingly common. High school or college athletes, or amateur athletes in their 20’s/30’s can put tremendous demands on their bodies. And the knees usually do most of the “heavy lifting.”

Jim has “played” at a high level of performance all his life. Baseball. Boxing. Golf. Basketball. Tennis. He’s an athlete who is accomplished at many sports. He is a successful entrepreneur. He has great kids and a fantastic wife! So what’s the problem then?

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Dr. Tom O’Keefe – Getting Griff Back on the Golf Course

ANN ARBOR, Michigan — Griff was sure he had the right surgeon in Dr. Tom O’Keefe. And he was right about that. What he was not sure about what his rehab… the “other half of knee surgery.” He found our website, put in a call and secured an X10™ for his recovery. And he was glad he did. Griff’s range of motion after five days beat the average patient at six weeks post surgery. Golf after total knee replacement became a reality.

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Our first NJ Patient: Kim

by PJ Ewing

A Slow Start to Recovery
CHATHAM, New Jersey — Ten days of rehab after her knee replacement and Kim’s new knee was at 67º range of motion. Discouraging to say the least. On the 11th day the X10™ arrived in Chatham, NJ. Her X10 Recovery Coach set it up and Kim got on it for the first time. Kim’s recovery was…on its way. At four weeks post surgery, Kim achieved 118* flexion and zero* extension. Now safe from scar tissue, she turned her focus to strengthening on the X10.

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No Need for Outpatient Care

Don had a MAKOplasty knee replacement from Dr. Eugene Patrick Mitchell of Specialists in Orthopedic Surgery. This was the first of two knee replacement surgeries. Don will have Dr. Mitchell, DMC and the X10 for his second knee – for certain. When you watch our interview with Don notice his quick work on the stairs… he is back to full strength in just a few weeks post surgery.

“Not to sound like a paid stooge but I credit the X10 with my fast recovery.

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Nine Dr. DeClaire Patients in Three Minutes

In this video we share with you the stories of nine patients in three minutes. You learn all about Dr. DeClaire and his staff, each surgery and recovery. Some of these Dr. DeClaire patients recovered with the help of home care therapists, some with just the X10 in their home. In all cases you learn from those who have gone before all about what it is like to have your knee replaced by Dr. DeClaire.

“I will not do surgery [again] unless an X10 is available and at my house before my surgery.” – Patricia

Quick Recovery, Back to Your Life


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