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Jo’s Knee Replacement – Complete Recovery

Josephine got back to normal quickly after a total knee replacement surgery by Dr. Jason Cochran

LANSING, Michigan — Jo is an avid tennis player. Over time arthritis kicked in and her game was compromised. It was time for knee replacement and she turned to Dr. Jason Cochran.

After surgery in the hospital Jo’s range of motion was very poor. When she got home her bending was only 60º. That was the starting point. On the X10 she jumped to the “head of the class” on range of motion, was walking stairs, and was at 121º range of motion at only 15 days post surgery.

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Dr. Eddie El-Yussif and X10: Darnell’s Recovery

CLINTON TOWNSHIP, Michigan — Darnell needed a lot of assistance to get around. For five years the condition of his knee continued to deteriorate. While he approached a knee replacement with apprehension he was very happy that he went ahead with the operation at Henry Ford Medical Center with Dr. Eddie El-Yussif.

His only regret was that he did not do the surgery earlier.

Dr. Eddie El-Yussif is known for his “Rapid Recovery” which minimizes hospital time due to the nature of his surgical technique.

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Runaround Sue

KALAMAZOO, Michigan — Sue was glad to find a solution for recovery from knee surgery that did not involve home therapists or outpatient clinics. She wanted to recover at home. She wanted to avoid a lot of pain in her recovery. She wanted to get well quickly and completely. And she had a short window of time to recover from her left knee replacement as she had the other knee to do soon afterwards. That’s a lot of asks!

It turned out that the answer to Sue’s list of knee replacement wants was the X10 Knee Replacement Machine.

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RECOVERY MATTERS – a BLOG about Knee Replacement Health

Knee Replacement Coach: You are the Coach of “Team Knee”

In the end it is your knee. Which means that nobody cares about it as much as you do… after all you’re the one who is going to need that knee for the years to come. Learn about about total knee replacement facts about recovery here.

Knee Replacement Coach

Coach “Team Knee”

So once the orthopedic surgeon, and the therapists have all done their jobs after your knee replacement surgery, you’re the one who will have to look at yourself in the mirror and decide if you have done absolutely everything you could to get your mobility back.

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X10 Update April 2014

X10 Research Results Published

With all the knees replaced each year you would think that everyone recovers quickly, has great mobility, and that is that. We took a deep look at a recently published review of all available studies on patient recovery from knee replacement. This is what we found:

After SIX WEEKS the average ROM (range of motion) across the country is a lowly 83º. At 83º, 84º, 85º you cannot even sit properly, much less get up from a chair, walk up (or down) stairs.

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Retraining Your Muscles after Total Knee Replacement

Neuromuscular reeducation refers to the attempt to retrain the neuromuscular system to function properly. The basis of this idea is that the formation of certain patterns of communication between muscles and nerves allow people to perform simple everyday acts such as climbing stairs. Normal patterns of movement can be disrupted by injuries or may be impaired in people with certain medical conditions. The general aim is either to re-establish normal patterns of movement in injured people or to create normal patterns of movement.

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Studies Referenced:
Halley Orthopedics, “X10™ Passive Range of Motion Feasibility Study.” Copyright ©2013

Cochrane Collaboration, “Continuous Passive Motion Following Total Knee Arthroplasty in People with Arthritis.” Published by John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. Copyright ©2014.

There was great hope at one time for Continuous Passive Motion

In the 1970’s & 80’s machines called CPM’s (Continuous Passive Motion) were developed to try to aid in knee replacement recovery. Doctors used CPM’s because the concept of early motion after knee replacement made sense. Since then many studies have evaluated their effectiveness.

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Post Knee Replacement Recovery with the X10

Learn in this video why X10™ is a revolution in knee rehabilitation post Total Knee Arthroplasty.

X10 brings new, patented, technology to a problem that has plagued total knee replacement recovery since the beginning: variability. Since the late 1960’s when knee replacement really got off the ground there has been a relentless drive by surgeons, hospitals, and medical technology companies to improve surgical techniques and the implants that take the place of our original knee joints. Marvelous strides have been made and knee replacement has become a safe and almost commonplace surgery.

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It’s more than eliminating knee pain; it’s time to live again!

Variability of recovery and knee surgery have been companions since the first knee replacement surgeries were performed 35 years ago. Halley Orthopedics has spend the past seven years perfecting the X10 Knee Rehab Machine with one purpose in mind… take the variability out of TKA rehabilitation.

Our patients don’t just want to get rid of knee pain, they want to continue leading a productive, satisfying, enjoyable life. And they need full, normal mobility and leg strength to do that.

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The Body Provides a Wealth of Information to the X10

“How can you recover if you don’t know where you stand?”

Essential to getting your knee back in shape after a total knee arthroplasty is understanding what range of motion you have achieved throughout the recovery process. Now with X10 you can measure your daily extension, flexion, strength and overall progress as you work toward your full natural knee movement. Your data is saved and made available for you and your therapist to use to craft a customized therapy for your knee.

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Perfect Storm

“Total Knee Recovery: It Was The Perfect Storm”

Jim is near and dear to our hearts at X10! He was one of our very first patients. A preacher, wonderful father, grandfather and smart business man, Jim needed a quick recovery from his first knee surgery. He trusted our team and the X10. We were so delighted with his progress, as was Dr. Meisel and his therapy team led by Clare Clor at Complete Physical Therapy.

Eleven days post surgery Jim walked into his surgeon’s office without a cane and without a walker – shocking and delighting his friends, family and medical team!

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After Extensive Research Arnie Planned his Surgery and Rehab

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Michigan — Arnie suffered from Polio in his youth. His condition had impact on his life, but he never let it stop him from living a very rich life including becoming a root canal dentist, serving in the Vietnam War, studying photography under Ansel Adams, collecting fine wine, and raising wonderful children… and now grandchildren!

But time can catch up and both of Arnie’s knees become more and more problematic. Prior to his surgery his knees had really become an issue, getting in the way of daily living.

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The Battle Against Arthritis

Marilyn was an active golfer. No golf carts, she preferred to walk the courses. That all changed when she started experiencing issues with her knee. Marilyn spent the last two years suffering from arthritis – which got worse and worse. In fact she started using a cane to get around the house. In January 2013 Marilyn went through cortisone treatments, and tried to get her leg back in shape for her busy life. It did not work. Finally she elected to have a total knee replacement.

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Range of Motion: “I want to beat that machine”

Paula has been a teacher for all of her professional life. Throughout her successful and rewarding career in education she has had to deal with nagging knee problems. Imagine a backdrop of aching, painful knees for more than 30 years! Pain just became a part of her life. It worsened recently. Over the past five years even the little things began to be a problem: sports, tennis, walking the dog… even standing in the kitchen cooking for her family.

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Part 1: JoAnn

SOUTHGATE, Michigan — JoAnn had a TKA surgery in October 2012, but was never able to get proper extension and flexion after nine months of in-home and outpatient therapy. While her husband had the X10 in the home for his own recovery JoAnn decided to try it for herself to see if it could help. It did! She achieved full range of motion (zero degrees extension and 130 degrees flexion) with only two weeks on the X10.

Part 2: Ervin

Ervin had a TKA in July 2013.

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The Long Road to Recovery. Believe it or not when knee replacements started to be performed in the late 1960’s patients were put in a cast for three months while the cement that held the joints in the bones “set.” And then, once the cast was removed, patients began to build their range of motion… of course scar tissue had set in and it was too late to do anything about it. We have come a long way from those early days. Orthopedic surgeons encourage movement within hours of surgeon today.

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