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RECOVERY MATTERS – a BLOG about Knee Replacement Health We are pleased to present Sue B. who describes her bilateral knee replacement with Dr. Scott Russinoff at Hudson Valley Hospital Center.
Sue B. in the Kitchen

Sue in the Kitchen

Leading Up to My Bilateral Knee Surgery

HUDSON VALLEY, New York — My name is Sue. I began having knee troubles 25 years ago when I decided to reminisce like I was back in HS and go skiing. I never realized how high the mountain was or how fast I would be going.

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Sue was back on a bike after knee replacement – in three weeks

HUDSON VALLEY, New York — The best phone call we can get is from a patient who has graduated from X10™ after their knee replacement, and is ready to move on. Job done. Box checked. Knee better. Patient… happy! So we were quite pleased to get that phone call from Sue after only three weeks. Both knees were working as she had hoped, Sue was doing the stairs, walking just fine and putting in miles on her stationary bicycle.

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The long, long road to recovery… Avoiding a Knee Manipulation

STAMFORD, Connecticut — This is not the traditional X10 recovery story of two weeks and done. Nor three or four. How about five months… nearly six.

Stephen’s story is one of survival and endurance. His surgeon, Dr. Strickland, did everything she could to delay total knee replacement on his generally bad knees until it was absolutely necessary. Finally at age 55 Stephen simply had to have them done.

His partial bilateral surgeries went well enough at HSS.

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Bilateral Knee Replacement Recovery

At a very young age Betsy decided to have both knees replaced at once. She selected the Conformis Knee and Drs. Lederman and Kwartowitz. And she went out of her way to include the X10 in her recovery. She is very glad that she did as she achieved excellent range of motion quickly after her surgery. Two months later Betsy has both of these new knees on the tennis court again!

Declining Mobility over the Past Five Years

Betsy is 52.

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Ed’s Bilateral Knee Replacement

Ed was prepared for a lot of pain. His readings and even his surgeon warned him of a potentially painful and long recovery from his bilateral knee replacement. He was back to his beloved golf game in two months. Learn here about bilateral knee replacement: Back to Golf in Under 60 Days.

Ed’s Recovery Plan

Ed approached his knee replacement surgery many months in advance and with great care. We can all learn from his methodical way of dealing with such an important event in his life.

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Bilateral Knee Replacement


Mike is a member of the X10-2K Club™.

FOWLERVILLE, Michigan — Mike is a “real outdoor kind of guy.” Judo, wrestling, swimming, football, Tae Kwan Do, mountain climbing, hiking, biking, motorcycling – he participates in a ton of physical activity. Mike has actually run a six minute mile; that’s “New York Marathon speed.”

Life has been painful for the past four years, but Mike put off his surgery, trying to find a way to work it out to fit into his busy schedule.

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