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Posts Tagged: Avoid Manipulation Under Anesthesia

Luis’ Recovery Stalled after ACL Surgery. The X10™ Got Him Better

HACKENSACK, New Jersey — Luis found the X10™ at nine (9) weeks post ACL Repair and Micro-fracture Surgery. His surgeon, Dr. Deepan Patel, learned of the X10 and quickly supported Luis’ immediate use of the X10 in his home.

After completion of four weeks on the X10 (by week 13 post surgery), three 30-minute sessions per day utilizing 7 lbs. of pressure modulation, Luis was able to achieve the following:

Flexion: 120º
Greatly improved gait pattern with no crutches (pain-free)

Luis’ quest after ACL surgery, to avoid a manipulation (MUA), and to avoid the extreme PT pain that he had been experiencing began in earnest on the day the X10 arrived in his home.

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RECOVERY MATTERS – a BLOG about Knee Replacement Health. This is the conclusion, Part IV, of a series of articles written by guest blogger, Merlin.

Merlin TKA, 2014

More Hurdles

There is some part of our psyche that allows us to believe in silver linings. So having “escaped” my erstwhile rehab facility one week after getting there, I felt that I was on my way to a seamless recovery because I had paid my dues. Well more fool me, I did not factor good old Murphy and his law.

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Five weeks post surgery Amy could not sit properly, walk stairs, walk the dogs…

WESTON, Connecticut — We received the first phone call when Amy was about three weeks post surgery. Her surgery actually went great. The stay at HSS was lovely; Amy even sorted out an iPhone app to order delicious food while she was there. What was troubling was her very slow recovery from knee replacement surgery. After another week Amy was still struggling; the baker’s cyst certainly did not help. The CPM machine that she used religiously for hours on end was not making a difference.

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The long, long road to recovery… Avoiding a Knee Manipulation

STAMFORD, Connecticut — This is not the traditional X10 recovery story of two weeks and done. Nor three or four. How about five months… nearly six.

Stephen’s story is one of survival and endurance. His surgeon, Dr. Strickland, did everything she could to delay total knee replacement on his generally bad knees until it was absolutely necessary. Finally at age 55 Stephen simply had to have them done.

His partial bilateral surgeries went well enough at HSS.

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Don’s Knee Replacement Adventure

WARREN, Michigan — What started out as a normal, tried and true knee replacement in February, 2014 quickly turned into a nightmare. “My therapist told me that I would have a permanent limp,” Don told X10 reporter, Lisa Pelley. Dr. DeClaire’s revision surgery and the X10 knee rehabilitation machine turned this very troubling episode in Don’s life into a knee replacement revision success.

Don’s first knee replacement surgery left him with a ROM (range of motion) of 70º. At this ROM (how far you can extend your knee forward and flex your knee back) he was not able to walk, get up from a couch, walk stairs, get in and out of a car without great difficulty.

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RECOVERY MATTERS – a BLOG about Knee Replacement Health

Knee Replacement Coach: You are the Coach of “Team Knee”

In the end it is your knee. Which means that nobody cares about it as much as you do… after all you’re the one who is going to need that knee for the years to come. Learn about about total knee replacement facts about recovery here.

Knee Replacement Coach

Coach “Team Knee”

So once the orthopedic surgeon, and the therapists have all done their jobs after your knee replacement surgery, you’re the one who will have to look at yourself in the mirror and decide if you have done absolutely everything you could to get your mobility back.

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Fast Scar Tissue Growth Can Lead to a Manipulation Under Anesthesia

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Michigan — Kathy has been an active golf and tennis player all of her life. Over the past few years knee pain took her out of the game. She received injections for a period of time, but it became apparent that she needed to have her knee replaced. She was very happy to have Dr. Perry Greene perform the surgery, and had expected to be back on the tennis courts within a few months of her surgery.

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Twelve Patients: Knee Surgery Patient Recovery Stories in 3:00 Minutes

You are introduced here to Twelve X10™ patients. There is more to each of their stories; you can watch the full interviews to get all the details of their experiences with X10 right here in Patient Recovery Stories on our website.

Some Excerpts from Knee Surgery Patient Recovery Stories

Kathy was headed for knee manipulation (manual bending of the knee under anesthesia to break up scar tissue) or even, possibly, a revision (second full surgery on the same knee).

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