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X10 Update December 2013

Crain’s Detroit Business Publishes Article about X10

I am delighted to share with you a recently published article about X10™ Knee Rehabilitation. Crain’s Detroit Business did a marvelous job of capturing the entrepreneurial spirit of our organization, and the dramatic impact on patient recovery from our rehab device.

Below is a link to the article:

To Mend the Bend: Friends Exit Retirement to Restore Knees

A few article highlights include:

  • Halley Orthopedics was founded by Paul Ewing and Dr. David K. Halley.
  • X10 is based on the word “extend”
  • The machine uses pressure to flex the knee to the point where fluid in the knee is released thereby avoiding the buildup of scar tissue that causes knees to deteriorate after surgery.
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X10 Update October 2013

Welcome to X10 Therapy Dot Com

Welcome to our new website. We’ve been hard at work the past few months building a resource to help patients considering knee surgery prepare and explore their options for rehabilitation.

I believe that early rehabilitation is a major contributor to successful outcomes for knee patients. The X10 knee machine helps to make early rehabilitation a reality for all patients. It is designed to restore range of motion and strength beginning the day a patient returns home following knee replacement. We have found that when patients get involved and are given the proper tools, rapid progress follows and the total recovery time is reduced.

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