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April Update X10 vs. a CPM Machine

X10 Update April 2014

X10 Research Results Published

With all the knees replaced each year you would think that everyone recovers quickly, has great mobility, and that is that. We took a deep look at a recently published review of all available studies on patient recovery from knee replacement. This is what we found:

After SIX WEEKS the average ROM (range of motion) across the country is a lowly 83º. At 83º, 84º, 85º you cannot even sit properly, much less get up from a chair, walk up (or down) stairs.

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X10 Update March 2014

Let it Snow

So let’s not let a little snow get in the way of our fun… and successful knee rehabilitation.

X10™: Through Rain or Sleet or Snow – now with MICVNA
Our friends in Michigan at Family Home Health Services have a new name. Welcome Michigan Community Visiting Nurses Association to the X10™ Family. This great company is now delivering X10™ machines throughout Southeast Michigan daily… our state is clearly going to have the best knees in the nation very soon. Well, at least the best baby boomer knees thanks to great surgeons and our machine.

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X10 Update February 2014

X10-2K Club™ and X10 Improvements

More software improvements, more X10’s in production, X10-2K Club™… take advantage of X10 – you are lucky to have found us!

X10 Update February 2014
Another software update in February. Some small bugs have been addressed in “Extension at the End of the Stroke” in this update. Updates in the data capture also provide now even more complete and consistent wireless data reporting for surgeon and therapist use.

We are expanding our fleet of X10 machines which will increase our capacity by springtime, just in time for “knee season.” Many people elect to have their replacements in the spring to be ready for summer activities.

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X10 Update January 2014

Consistent Results

We have kicked off 2014 with a bang!

New software updates to the X10™ have resulted in new capabilities and more information now available to our patients, surgeons and therapists. Our remote monitoring feature is more robust and our measurements even more precise than before. And we continue to shrink the footprint and lower the weight of the machine making it all the easier to move in and out of patients’ homes for their therapy. Now past the early days we are experiencing very consistently great results from our knee replacement patients.

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