Surgery Prep and Recovery

You can have the X10 for placement in your home in Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, Virginia, Washington DC, Pennsylvania and Florida. Getting X10 begins with a conversation with us at 1-855-910-5633 or an email to We will inform your orthopedic surgeon about the program and take care of any necessary paperwork. Below you can find a host of orthopedic surgeons who are very familiar with what X10 can do for knee replacement patients.

X10 is prominent in a number of outpatient and inpatient clinics. These venues have embraced this remarkable new tool for their patients who prep for or are recovering from knee replacement surgery.

Orthopedic Surgeons

Since the creation of the X10, surgeons have been intrigued by the opportunity to shorten the recovery time of their knee replacement patients. Many surgeons have prescribed X10 over the past two years and more are being added to our list of prescribing orthopedic surgeons each week. We are very proud of the earliest adopters of X10 for knee replacement recovery.

Some physicians are slow to adopt new technology. We welcome new surgeons to the X10 family oftentimes through the desire of the patient to use the X10 for their knee surgery recovery. Click here to get in touch with us to arrange a presentation of X10 to your surgeon. Or just call us at 1-855-910-5633.

Physical Therapy Clinics

The X10 is present in strategically located physical therapy clinics in SouthEast Michigan and the New York Tri-State Area. Even if you do not use the X10 at home you can recovery from knee replacement using the X10 in one of these outpatient locations.

Home Care Partners

Some patients spend time in an inpatient or skilled nursing facility after leaving the hospital. In these instances you will want to have access to the X10 for rehab sessions three times per day in addition to traditional therapy. To find facilities that have the X10 click below.