Patient Recovery Stories


Joyce, Knee Pain, Recovery (Dr. Joseph Salama)

Dr. Salama, X10, and Joyce’s Knee Pain

LIVONIA, Michigan — Joyce (70) fell a lot on her knees over the years. She needed the best kind of orthopedic help to solve her knee pain. After injections over the months she decided to go ahead with the surgery. Dr. Joseph Salama was there to help her with a total knee replacement. She “had a lot more going for her on the X10.”

Joyce’s History of Knee Pain

“I got to zero degees extension and 120 degrees flexion.

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Driving after Knee Replacement

Carl Felt ‘Right at Home’ After Knee Replacement

HAMDEN, Connecticut — Carl has had a good deal of experience with knee surgery. Long ago a basketball injury required treatment by Dr. Aversa. So when it came to knee replacement surgery first on his right knee and then his left knee, Carl contacted Dr. Aversa and got himself prepared for what he expected to be a very big ordeal. His goal was driving after knee replacement, to get back to his busy life quickly.

Carl found out about the X10 and booked a machine and home care from Keep Me Home.

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Bike after Knee Replacement

Sue was back on a bike after knee replacement – in three weeks

HUDSON VALLEY, New York — The best phone call we can get is from a patient who has graduated from X10™ after their knee replacement, and is ready to move on. Job done. Box checked. Knee better. Patient… happy! So we were quite pleased to get that phone call from Sue after only three weeks. Both knees were working as she had hoped, Sue was doing the stairs, walking just fine and putting in miles on her stationary bicycle.

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Knee Replacement for Athletes – Jim

Knee Replacement for Athletes

STAMFORD, Connecticut — Knee Replacement for athletes (current or former) is increasingly common. High school or college athletes, or amateur athletes in their 20’s/30’s can put tremendous demands on their bodies. And the knees usually do most of the “heavy lifting.”

Jim has “played” at a high level of performance all his life. Baseball. Boxing. Golf. Basketball. Tennis. He’s an athlete who is accomplished at many sports. He is a successful entrepreneur. He has great kids and a fantastic wife! So what’s the problem then?

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