Patient Recovery Stories


After ACL Avoiding a Manipulation

Luis’ Recovery Stalled after ACL Surgery. The X10™ Got Him Better

HACKENSACK, New Jersey — Luis found the X10™ at nine (9) weeks post ACL Repair and Micro-fracture Surgery. His surgeon, Dr. Deepan Patel, learned of the X10 and quickly supported Luis’ immediate use of the X10 in his home.

After completion of four weeks on the X10 (by week 13 post surgery), three 30-minute sessions per day utilizing 7 lbs. of pressure modulation, Luis was able to achieve the following:

Flexion: 120º
Greatly improved gait pattern with no crutches (pain-free)

Luis’ quest after ACL surgery, to avoid a manipulation (MUA), and to avoid the extreme PT pain that he had been experiencing began in earnest on the day the X10 arrived in his home.

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Chicago Fireman Total Knee Replacement

Fireman Down, Needs Total Knee Replacement, X10™ to the Rescue

CHICAGO, Illinois — Charlie’s background borders on the heroic. We learned so much about him in our recent interview that impressed us to no end. Football coach. Chicago fireman and Fireman Calendar Cover Guy. Father of a young son. Just an overall wonderful guy! So we were honored to be a part of Charlie’s recovery from his total knee replacement surgery. He is our first “Calendar Guy with a Total Knee Replacement!!”

Getting Back in the Game
Charlie’s knee had been a problem since the 1970’s.

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Accelerated TKA Recovery (Dr. James J. Verner)

Accelerated TKA Recovery on the Second Knee

SOUTHGATE, Michigan — JoAnn watched her husband, Ervin, recover from knee replacement surgery on both of his knees. She had had a knee replaced 10 months prior, but was still working on getting back to normal. She tried the machine while it was in her house for Ervin and she was hooked. For her second knee replacement… X10 for certain! You can read Ervin’s story here.

JoAnn and Ervin are the best advertisers of the X10 we could ever have.

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PT for Total Knee Replacement

135º Range of Motion After Knee Replacement

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Michigan — Jamie was planning for the usual 3-6 months of recovery from his total knee replacement with Dr. Perry Greene. Instead of an extended rehab he was at 135 degrees range of motion within a month of his surgery. That means he could move and walk without any restrictions. Stairs, riding a stationary bicycle, bending… back to normal.

In our interview with Jamie (see video box on this page) you meet a man with great enthusiasm who was highly impressed with his abbreviated recuperation from his total knee replacement surgery.

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