Patient Recovery Stories


Tanya’s Total Knee (Dr. Salama)

Dr. Salama, X10, and Tanya

REDFORD, Michigan — If you think knee surgery goes according to plan in every case… read on dear reader. Tanya’s story is one of persistence and a whole bunch of miscues over the course of a few years. But in the end she found Dr. Salama and Dr. Laker and she got her groove back – finally.

All About Tanya

Tanya was a nurses assistant for over 30 years. In 2012 she had a knee replaced. It seemed to be a success for a little while, but the physical therapist pushed her leg too far and the joint was damaged.

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Knee Replacement In Your 40’s (Dr. Jeffrey DeClaire)

Partial Knee Replacement in Your 40’s

STERLING HEIGHTS, Michigan — Having a knee replacement in your 40’s may seem like an extreme situation. But we are seeing more and more patients in the 50’s and even later 40’s. Katarina is one shining example. A knee replacement at exactly 40 years old.

No dancing. No walking normally. No workouts. Plenty of knee pain. A compromised life… way too early. Katarina found Dr. Jeffrey DeClaire just in time for a partial knee replacement that would get her back in the swing of things.

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Football and Knee Replacement (Dr. Jason Cochran)

Football and Knee Replacement DO Mix… Harlan’s Recovery

Harlon got back to coaching Michigan State University’s Football team using the X10 Knee Recovery System

EAST LANSING, Michigan — Harlon is an assistant coach at MSU. Football Coach. American Football, you know – it is a hard job where you are on your feet all day long. It was hard to take a quick break from football and knee replacement seemed like the last thing one would want to do in the summer. But it was a necessity.

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Jo’s Knee Replacement (Dr. Jason Cochran)

Jo’s Knee Replacement – Complete Recovery

Josephine got back to normal quickly after a total knee replacement surgery by Dr. Jason Cochran

LANSING, Michigan — Jo is an avid tennis player. Over time arthritis kicked in and her game was compromised. It was time for knee replacement and she turned to Dr. Jason Cochran.

After surgery in the hospital Jo’s range of motion was very poor. When she got home her bending was only 60º. That was the starting point. On the X10 she jumped to the “head of the class” on range of motion, was walking stairs, and was at 121º range of motion at only 15 days post surgery.

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