Patient Recovery Stories


Miriam: Avoid MUA (First Health PT & X10)

How to Avoid MUA at 10 Weeks Post Surgery

NEW YORK, New York — Miriam already had one knee replaced. It went fine. So when she had her second knee done at HSS and it did not go so well she was really surprised. At 10 weeks after surgery she became alarmed. 100º bend in her leg meant no long walks in NY, walking stairs a challenge, ongoing tightness in the leg… not the recovery that she had expected.

MUA: Manipulation Under Anesthesia

To be clear, Miriam did not have an MUA.

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Dr. Joseph Salama | What can you do after knee replacement surgery?

Dr. Joseph Salama | What can you do after knee replacement surgery?

Dr. Joseph Salama from Birmingham Integrowth Orthopedics, explains what you can (and cannot) do after a total knee replacement surgery.

About Dr. Salama

Dr. Joseph Salama, MD specializes in general orthopedic surgery, which includes treatment of fractures, arthritis, disorders of bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, reconstructive surgery and arthroscopic surgery. His special areas of interest are total knee and hip replacement, arthroscopic knee surgery, sports injuries, and work related injuries. Dr. Salama was educated at Wayne State University, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in 1971.

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The Farmer’s Knee Replacement (Dr. Robert Ference)

Pat: The Farmer’s Knee Replacement

FOWLER, Michigan — Pat is a farmer through and through. He runs a large operation in Fowler; his is a demanding profession – there is no room in his life for months of rehab. He needed a few weeks out of commission and then back to the farm. He also needed a surgeon who could deliver on what he needed… namely returning to work, a highly active life, back to full strength. The Farmer’s Knee Replacement would have to be in the hands of the best.

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Helicopter Pilot Knee Replacement (Chris)

Chris: Helicopter Pilot Knee Replacement

DEXTER, Michigan — Chris is a highly active guy. Put him on the list of people who just don’t stop. He built a very successful business in manufacturing all the while pursuing a wide range of fun activities like car racing, snowmobiling, zip-lining, and becoming a helicopter pilot. For a helicopter pilot knee replacement is to be taken seriously as a failed surgery and recovery can lead to the inability to fly.

It was Chris’ love of these high energy activities that drove him to get a total knee replacement.

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