Patient Recovery Stories


X10 After MUA (Nancy)

Recovery after MUA on X10

ENGLEWOOD, Florida — Nancy spends most of her time ‘doing things’ around the house, the yard, biking, walking, hiking. When knee pain forced her to curtail her activities it was not just a small inconvenience. The lack of mobility was the cause for real concern. She was not the happy person that her friends and her sister loved. Something had to be done.

Nancy scheduled a knee replacement surgery. The surgery was fine. Dr. Vidolin’s work was just as expected. The recovery started off well, but then turned and Nancy could not get her knee to bend properly.

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Cheryl’s TKA (Dr. Derek Farr)

Cheryl, Pickelball, Dr. Derek Farr, Total Knee Replacement

THE VILLAGES, Florida — Cheryl is a highly active person. Walking, biking, competitive sports including her beloved Pickleball – a staple sport in The Villages, Florida. After 30 years of working in the U.S. Postal Service in Michigan her left knee needed some attention. Enter Dr. Derek Farr of Twin Palm Orthopedics in Ocala, Florida. Dr. Farr offered Cheryl a wide range of options. She could have continued with a series of cortisone injections to stave off surgery, but Dr.

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A Candy Striper Knee Replacement (Dr. Jason Cochran)

A Candy Striper Knee Replacement and Recovery with X10™

LANSING, Michigan — Elizabeth (68) was a candy striper when she was young. If you do not know what that means – don’t be hard on yourself… it is a hospital volunteer in 1960’s parlance.

Pat needed a knee replacement. After surgery Pat used the X10 Knee Recovery System™. She had a previous knee done without the X10. There was no comparison – the X10 Knee was way ahead. Even the incision line healed better; the whole recovery was superior with the X10.

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The Mayor’s Knee Replacement (Dr. Robert Ference)

Westland Mayor Charles Pickering Total Knee Replacement

WESTLAND, Michigan — Charles found that his mobility was in trouble. His left knee clearly needed care so he set out to find the finest surgeon around. He landed on Dr. Robert Ference. The Mayor’s Knee Replacement was in good hands. Dr. Ference selected Charles to be one of his early X10 patients… and the rest, as one might say, was history. Charles did great. Back to life in no time. And our team at X10 made some new friends in the process.

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