Patient Recovery Stories


Michigan Football and Knee Replacement

Partial or Total Knee Replacement (Dr. James J. Verner)

Sandy recovered so fast that her therapist ran out of exercises for her

Sandy has amazed her friends and relatives with her fast recovery from her knee replacement. Many assumed her surgery was “only a partial [knee] replacement” because she was back on her feet so quickly. Enrolled in the Fast Track program by Dr. Verner, Sandra flew through her therapy in-home from Michigan VNA. Her progress was so complete in the first two weeks of rehab, that her therapist, Shawn, had to consult on next steps for her final days on X10.

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X10 Made the Difference

Three Stories of Recovery

Three patients speak about their recovery with X10. Tommy, Ron and Michelle found that recovery was surprisingly quick and without complication.

X10 made the difference for Tom who had a pressing business calendar in Washington DC. He recovered on his own with the X10 in his home. Dr. Rothman was impressed. Watch Tom’s full story here

Michelle recovered in only a few weeks after her surgery with Dr. Meisel. She was back to her garden (which requires a range of motion of 117º) well before she thought she would be.

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Knee Surgery Patient Recovery Stories

Twelve Patients: Knee Surgery Patient Recovery Stories in 3:00 Minutes

You are introduced here to Twelve X10™ patients. There is more to each of their stories; you can watch the full interviews to get all the details of their experiences with X10 right here in Patient Recovery Stories on our website.

Some Excerpts from Knee Surgery Patient Recovery Stories

Kathy was headed for knee manipulation (manual bending of the knee under anesthesia to break up scar tissue) or even, possibly, a revision (second full surgery on the same knee).

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