Patient Recovery Stories


Building Strength After Knee Replacement (Kevin’s Story)

Building Strength After Knee Replacement (Avoiding Permanent Disability)

UNION BEACH, New Jersey — Kevin fell at work at Newark Airport. He worked for the Port Authority of NY/NJ. That began a long series of knee surgeries and attempts at recovery. But the recoveries failed in the end and Kevin faced being put on permanent disability. This would have meant a great deal of difficulty for Kevin and his wife Nancy.

“When we arrived at Kevin’s home,” said X10 Coach Ron Hoffmann, “Kevin could barely walk 500 steps supported by two canes.

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Pat’s Knee Replacement (Dr. Jason Cochran)

Pat’s Knee Replacement – Complete Recovery

HOLT, Michigan — Pat is a retired RN. Her knee started to get in the way of sleep and stairs over the past few years. It was Dr. Mesko who recommended total knee replacement with Dr. Jason Cochran.

After surgery Pat used the X10 Knee Recovery System™. She had a previous knee done without the X10. There was no comparison – the X10 Knee was way ahead. Even the incision line healed better; the whole recovery was superior with the X10.

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Ken’s Total Knee Replacement (Dr. Robert Ference)

Total Knee Replacement, The Ferrence Effect

WARREN, Michigan — Ken has loved taking long walks all his life. And after many years of enjoying this simple pleasure, he found himself facing a bone-on-bone situation with his knee. He was in need of a great surgeon for a toal knee replacement… time for a visit to Dr. Robert Ference in Southfield, Michigan.

Total Knee Replacement, Recovery After Surgery

The surgery was a great success thanks to the good work of Dr. Ference. Sharon at Dr. Ference’s office was enthusiastic about getting Ken on the X10 because the X10 makes recovery so much easier.

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Katie’s Total Knee (Dr. Robert Ference)

Total Knee Replacement, Fast Recovery

MIDLAND, Michigan — Katie has nothing but praise for Dr. Ference. Her saga of knee trouble began in 1999 with a softball injury. At the time she had to have an ACL reconstruction to deal with a Medial Meniscus Tear. 16 years later she had to have a Bucket Handle Meniscus Tear removed. See details on this type of surgery below. Within a year the time had come for a total knee replacement… and a visit to Dr. Ference in Southfield, Michigan.

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