Knee Surgery Recovery Stories

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Total Knee Replacement Recovery (Patty: Back to Yoga). Patty had been practicing yoga for more than 16 years until her knee became too much of a problem. She was ready for a quick recovery and return to yoga. {video}

ACL Tear & Micro-fracture Recovery (Luis: Avoid a Manipulation). A football (soccer) injury sidelined Luis with a torn ACL and a micro-fracture. His recovery stalled after seven long, hard weeks of PT. Three weeks on the X10 and things were looking a lot brighter. {video}

Bilateral Replacement Recovery (Sue: Riding a Bicycle at Three Weeks). Sue had no patience for a nursing facility for her recovery. No patience for her home therapist, who she promptly fired after one visit. With X10 it was three weeks and done. {video}

Total Knee Replacement Recovery (Kathy: Avoid a Manipulation). The best surgeon. A top-rated nursing facility. Poor results and the threat of an MUA. Two weeks at on the X10™ and Kathy was back on track. Tennis just a few months later. {video}

Football and Knee Replacement (Harlon, MSU, and 15 Days Post Surgery). Harlon coaches football at Michigan State University. He did not have a lot of time to recover before preparation for the 2015 season started. Enter X10.

Partial Bilateral Knee Replacement Recovery (Debi: Recovered in Three Weeks). Debi makes this look maybe too easy. Smiling all the way she breezed through three weeks of recovery in her home after double partial knee replacement. The X10 was her best friend during her recovery. {video}

Failed Recovery (Mel: Wish I had Used X10™) It’s not that Mel did not work hard. In fact he went to outpatient PT three times a week for over a year. He never got his knee working properly. Mel describes what can happen without a good PT plan.{video}

Partial Replacement Recovery (Jim: Back to the Boxing Ring) Successful business exec, entrepreneur, family man. Jim tried all known remedies for his swollen knee. Sports just exacerbated his problem. Knee Replacement from Dr. Delos in Greenwich, CT and the X10 got him back to softball and his biggest love, boxing. {video}

Total Knee Replacement Recovery (Amy: CPM Failed, Avoided Manipulation) Five weeks at home with a CPM machine and all Amy had was 75 degrees range of motion to show for it. Three weeks on the X10 in her home an she was ready for tennis with her husband, Joe. {video}

Total Knee Replacement Recovery (Charlie: Chicago Fireman Back to Work) Just three weeks and Charlie was done. After the surgery friends were actually wondering when he was going to have his surgery because he showed no signs of recovery. A great result for a great guy. {video}

Bilateral Total Knee Replacement Recovery (Stephen: Avoided a Double Manipulation) More than five (5) months after bilateral knee replacement Stephen was stuck. His knees were a constant worry. His surgeon suggested that a Manipulation Under Anesthesia might still be needed. He got past this worry with three weeks on the X10 in his home. {video}

Total Knee Replacement Recovery (Griff: Golf in Eight Weeks) Griff found Dr. Tom O’Keefe at the University of Michigan Hospital. He found the X10 for his recovery and his way back to the golf course in record time. {video}

Total Knee Replacement (Louis: Golf in Florida) Louis timed his surgery with the hope that he would be playing golf in Florida within eight (8) weeks. He made it with the help of the X10 in his home and a great surgery by Dr. Jeffrey DeClaire. {video}

Knee Surgery Recovery Stories

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Knee Surgery Recovery Stories | Clinical Results Reported

In a recent study of X10™ total knee replacement patients compared to the national norms for recovery, X10 patients were many months ahead of their counterparts who did not use the machine.

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