Knee Surgery Recovery Overview

This provides you with a summary of articles about knee surgery recovery and the new X10™ technology that has resulted in significantly shorter recovery times and improved patient results.

X10 and Knee Replacement FAQ: Terms you need to know, explanations of recovery options, clarifications about knee surgery… start your reading here before you have your surgery.

The Fundamental Medical Advantages of the X10 for TKA Recovery: Dr. David Halley explains how the X10 has changed the way people recover from total knee replacement and ACL repair surgery.

Understanding Knee Surgery: A collection of articles that examine total knee replacement from all angles including Female Knee Replacement, What Goes on During Surgery, Minimally Invasive Surgery.

Managing Pain After Knee Surgery: Getting smart about pain management before you have your surgery will significantly reduce your worries and help you manage your expectations.

The Danger of Scar Tissue and Fibrosis: Fibrosis (scar tissue) forms if this collagen creation process is left unchecked. And with fibrosis comes a lack of knee range of motion, the inability to move properly and a lot of pain in movement: the opposite of what you are looking for with a knee replacement.

Reduce Swelling after Knee Replacement Surgery: Working at the “Edge of Comfort” to Reduce Swelling after Knee Replacement.

Chair Exercises After Knee Surgery: One quick and easy rehabilitation practice that you can do for many months after knee surgery is a set of chair exercises.

What is an MCL Tear: The MCL is one of the four (4) major ligaments in the knee. Ligaments connect two bones to one another. The MCL or medial collateral ligament is on the inner side of your knee. It is responsible for preventing the knee from caving inward.

Speed Up Your ACL Surgery Recovery: While the procedure itself is often done on an outpatient basis, ACL surgery recovery is a long journey. After it has been repaired, the anterior cruciate ligament needs time to heal from the trauma of surgery. The good news is that there are a few steps you can take to kick start your healing.

Yoga After Knee Surgery: Lots of people return to yoga after knee replacement and ACL surgery, as there are numerous medical benefits of yoga. If you are getting back from knee replacement or ACL surgery and would like to continue practicing yoga, there are many poses and position modifications that can aid the healing process.

Protective Muscle Guarding: Layering the area with protective muscle guarding is a common decision handed down by the cortex. A protective spasm is the brain’s reflex attempt to prevent further damage to injured tissues.

X10 Why It Works | Knee Surgery Recovery

In a recent study of X10™ total knee replacement patients compared to the national norms for recovery, X10 patients were many months ahead of their counterparts who did not use the machine.

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Continuous Passive Motion Machine

Continuous Passive Motion Machine

Please note that if you are curious about the CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) Machine and potentially using one for your recovery, you need to worry. Numerous conclusive studies have shown virtually no difference in (generally poor) manual therapy results and CPM use.

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