Dr. Robert Ference | The X10 Knee Recovery System™

Dr. Robert Ference Explains The X10 Knee Recovery System™

Dr. Robert Ference sat down with our team to discuss his practice, Joint Plus Excel, and his view of the X10 Knee Recovery System. In the interview we covered a lot of territory but it became clear early on that he is very enthusiastic about the X10 and has seen nothing but highly favorable results for his patients. Dr. Ference performs minimally invasive knee replacement surgery, uses computer navigation, and employs the Orthosensor™ to insure that each new knee is perfect balanced and the wear on the new “plastic cartilage” is even. Enjoy a fascinating description of knee replacement surgery here.

About Dr. Ference

Dr. Ference performs approximately 1,000 minimally invasive knee replacement surgeries every year. Dr. Ference, whose expertise is known nationally, was trained by Dr. Peter Bonutti, the physician who developed the procedure in 1991. Dr. Ference was one of the first in this area to perform this technically challenging surgery and now trains other physicians in this procedure. Dr. Ference’s patients have come from across the country to have this procedure performed.

To learn the basics about X10™ click here. Feel free to call us at any time at 1-855-910-5633.

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