Dr. Halley Explains X10

The Fundamental Medical Advantages of the X10 for TKA Recovery

Dr. David Halley worked with the founder of modern hip replacement, Sir John Charnley, early in his career. He witnessed the revolutionary nature of Dr. Charnley’s work first hand in an extended residency in London. Essentially this was the birth of modern joint replacement. Many would follow, applying the genius of Dr. Charnley to hips, shoulders, ankles and, of course knees. Working directly with Dr. Charnley created the foundation on which a young David Halley based his long and highly successful orthopedic surgery career in Columbus, Ohio.

In a recent conversation about the X10 Knee Recovery System Dr. Halley described Halley Orthopedics’ game-changing contribution to the future of knee replacement recovery, the X10 Knee Rehabilitation Machine. Here Dr. Halley explain the problem that has plagued orthopedic surgeons since the dawn of knee replacement surgery: patient recovery post-surgery. He details the medical conditions that foster the body’s creation of scar tissue after knee replacement. Finally Dr. Halley explains the medical value of PMKR technology (Pressure Modulated Knee Rehabilitation and specifically X10 Therapy).

X10 Therapy

Sir John Charnley

Because of Dr. Charnley and the orthopedic surgeons and medical professionals who followed him there have been thousands of updates to processes in the operating room, robotic surgeries, controls for infection, and prosthesis improvement. However it was the post surgery care that lagged behind. With PMKR technology, recovery from knee surgery finally catches up.

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