Bike after Knee Replacement

Sue was back on a bike after knee replacement – in three weeks

HUDSON VALLEY, New York — The best phone call we can get is from a patient who has graduated from X10™ after their knee replacement, and is ready to move on. Job done. Box checked. Knee better. Patient… happy! So we were quite pleased to get that phone call from Sue after only three weeks. Both knees were working as she had hoped, Sue was doing the stairs, walking just fine and putting in miles on her stationary bicycle.

“At three weeks I told Todd to get this X10 out of here… I can ride a bike!”

We have come to expect great things of our X10™ patients. Sue is a perfect example. Here are the facts:

1) Dr. Scott Russinoff, Hudson Valley Hospital Center, Bilateral Total Knee Replacement
2) Just X10 for recovery; no home care therapist needed
3) Abbreviated outpatient therapy for just a few weeks at Millbrook Physical Therapy
4) Riding a bike after knee replacement, and and done with therapy (after five weeks)

We all experienced a thrill when Sue was riding miles on her bike at three weeks. What a great patient… what a great lady. Congratulations Sue and welcome to the X10™ 2K Club!

Bike after Knee Replacement

Bike after Knee Replacement

The Stationary Bike

The stationary bike after knee replacement is the perfect rehabilitation tool. But you have to get to about 115º range of motion to be able to use it. If you recover with the X10 you get to 115º in about two and a half weeks post surgery. At that point you are ready to transition to the bike and maintain that ROM (range of motion) for the months to come. With this program you beat the creation of scar tissue (fibrosis) and can rest easy knowing that your knee replacement surgery was a success.

To read all about Sue’s experience in her own words click here to read her blog entry in RECOVERY MATTERS: A BLOG ABOUT KNEE REPLACEMENT HEALTH.

Dr. Scott Russinoff

Dr. Scott Russinoff is a fellowship trained, board certified, Attending Orthopaedic Surgeon at Hudson Valley Hospital Center, specializing in Hip Replacement, Knee Replacement, Hip Resurfacing, and Partial Knee Replacement Surgery. He is also the Director of the Joint Replacement Center at Hudson Valley Hospital. Dr. Russinoff has Hudson Valley offices in Westchester County and Dutchess County.

Dr. Russinoff has performed over one thousand hip and knee replacements! He utilizes the latest technology available for hip replacement and knee replacement surgery including computer navigation and minimally invasive techniques. Click the links in the sidebar on the left, to find out more about these exciting new technologies.

Clinical Results Reported

In a recent study of X10 patients compared to the national norms for recovery, X10 patients were many months ahead of their counterparts who did not use the machine. A complete look at these results can be found here.

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