Back to Yoga After Total Knee Replacement

Getting Back to Yoga

The gentle stretching found in yoga is a great way to avoid stiffness, improve your flexibility, and boost the overall condition of your knee. It is important to pay special attention to twisting movements and it’s critical to protect your knees by keeping them aligned with the hips and ankles. Before you go back to yoga, talk with your yoga instructor so she’s aware of your limitations. This will help prevent extra strain on your knee. If you feel any knee pain, modify the exercise or consider taking a break.

Ask Your Instructor for Slight Position Modifications
If you’ve had a knee surgery (particularly a total knee replacement), inform your yoga teacher before class begins to make them aware of your potential limitations. You’ll need to be especially careful about the alignment of your lower joints, and your yoga instructor will want to pay close attention to you. Always protect your knees by keeping them closely aligned with your ankles and hips. If your knees still hurt, ask your teacher for slight position modifications. Spend time on standing poses – done with careful alignment will strengthen the hamstrings and quadriceps, which often atrophy after surgery.

Back to Yoga

Back to Yoga

Poses which were once rudimentary may feel less comfortable now. Instead of doing pigeon, a popular hip stretch which puts pressure on the knee, flip over and cross your left ankle over your right thigh, then pull the right thigh toward your chest until you feel the left hip stretch. In this revised position, you’ll have more control over how much pressure you put on the replaced knee. In the popular standing balance pose eagle, your legs might not wrap around each other as gracefully as they once did. Remember the point is that you are back to yoga… let things evolve as you find a new relationship with this blissful and challenging experience.

Patty Got Back to Yoga After Total Knee Replacement
Yoga had been a part of Patty’s life for as long as she remembered. When she realized that she had to face a total knee replacement, she made a commitment to herself that she would get back to yoga with in a few months of the surgery. Soon after her total knee replacement patty began therapy at Premier Therapy Centers in West Bloomfield, Michigan because she had heard about the benefits of a new PMKR machine called the X10™ from her therapist. Her efforts were well rewarded. Patty was able to get on the X10™ three times a week for two months. She got to know the staff, worked with Nora (Nora Cascardo owns the center) and was back to her daily yoga as she had hoped, within two months of her total knee replacement.

 “Nora is incredible. I need goals and she set up those goals for me. The X10 was part of the goal-oriented procedure that I had. On the machine you can actually feel your progression” she says.

All of us at Team X10 are so glad that the long drive to recovery with the X10 was worth it. Congratulations Patty on your success as a knee replacement patient. We are delighted to have you as a part of our X10 Family!

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Yoga Exercises After Knee Surgery

Clinical Results Reported

In a recent study of X10™ total knee replacement patients compared to the national norms for recovery, X10 patients were many months ahead of their counterparts who did not use the machine. A complete look at these results can be found here.

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