Back to Back Knee Replacement (Vic’s Two Knees)

Vic did them both, back to back knee replacement

NAPLES, Florida — It was Vic’s neighbor who heard of the X10. She attended a seminar in Naples and told Vic and Sylvia all about it. 10 weeks later, two surgeries and the X10 Knee Recovery System and Vic’s back to back knee replacement adventure was over. Within a few months of the second knee Vic and Sylvia were in Montana hiking. Now that’s the way to do a knee replacement.

Back to Back Knee Replacement

The surgery was a great success thanks to the good work of Dr. Dounchis of Naples, Florida. It took only two weeks and Vic was at near full range of motion on each leg. His swelling was expepelled quickly by the X10 and he was well on his way to full strength. Vic used the Isotonic Strength mode, Dynamic Strength and Range of Motion on the X10 in his home. The PT team could not believe how quickly he recovered. He was doing flights of stairs and taking long walks within a few weeks of surgery. In Vic’s case back to back knee surgery was the right way to go.

When to consider Bilateral Surgery or Back to Back Knee Replacement

Many surgeons advise against bilateral surgery (doing both at once) based on the patients health condition. It takes more out of the body to recover from two knees – at least for the first month. With the X10 you can easily switch from one side to the other to recover both knees at once. Here are a few examples of Bilateral Recoveries.

Sue’s Bilateral Success

Mike’s Bilateral Surgery

About Dr. Dounchis

Jon Dounchis, M.D. is board certified in orthopedic surgery and sports medicine and has completed 2 years of additional fellowship training. He specializes in knee, hip and shoulder surgery. Dr. Dounchis utilizes minimally invasive approaches for joint replacement, MAKOplasty partial knee surgery with robotic-arm technology, direct anterior hip replacement, hip resurfacing, computer-assisted and patient-specific mri-based joint replacement, reverse and total shoulder replacement, and arthroscopic techniques for cartilage, tendon, ligament and meniscal/labral repair.
Dr. Dounchis has a conservative and personal approach to musculoskeletal care. He explores both non-surgical and advanced surgical solutions. The goal is to return his patients to a healthy active life style.

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