After ACL Avoiding a Manipulation

Luis’ Recovery Stalled after ACL Surgery. The X10™ Got Him Better

HACKENSACK, New Jersey — Luis found the X10™ at nine (9) weeks post ACL Repair and Micro-fracture Surgery. His surgeon, Dr. Deepan Patel, learned of the X10 and quickly supported Luis’ immediate use of the X10 in his home.

After completion of four weeks on the X10 (by week 13 post surgery), three 30-minute sessions per day utilizing 7 lbs. of pressure modulation, Luis was able to achieve the following:

Flexion: 120º
Greatly improved gait pattern with no crutches (pain-free)

Luis’ quest after ACL surgery, to avoid a manipulation (MUA), and to avoid the extreme PT pain that he had been experiencing began in earnest on the day the X10 arrived in his home. He found that because therapy with X10 machine was under his control, he found that he trusted that it would not hurt him. His brain (both subconscious and conscious) accepted this fact and he was able to relax during therapy. This allowed for real progress toward his range of motion goal of 130º. In three weeks Luis was able to gain 45º range of motion. He began walking as many as seven miles with less and less of a limp, at first using only one cane (vs. two previously) and then cane free.

After ACL

Luis O., X10 Patient

The responses by his therapist and his surgeon were incredibly positive. To be fair they were somewhat incredulous as his progress exceeded all expectations. After ACL, Luis was able to avoid a Manipulation Under Anesthesia as his ROM exceeded the lower limits his surgeon set for M.U.A. Luis was able to overcome guarding, avoid PT pain, and get back on the path to recovery.

Through the use of the repetitive motion on the X10 Knee machine, motion that is controlled fully by the patient, Luis was able to achieve relaxation “as control improved.” It was only after Luis “trusted” that the X10 would follow his direction, never move past comfortable range of motion, only advance degree by degree as his leg became relaxed could avoid PT pain, that he began making significant gains. He overcame his own “Protective Muscle Guarding” which led him to a successful rehabilitation on the X10 Knee Rehabilitation Machine. Now, even after a slow start after ACL surgery, Luis is ready to get back to life as he had hoped.

Clinical Results Reported

In a recent study of X10™ total knee replacement patients compared to the national norms for recovery, X10 patients were many months ahead of their counterparts who did not use the machine. A complete look at these results can be found here.

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