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What is the X10 Recovery System™ and what is it used for?

The X10 is an in-home recovery system for knee surgery patients that significantly increases the quality of recovery while dramatically shortening the time and pain typical of today’s therapy.

Physical therapy after knee surgery is a race to quickly regain the full use of your leg (i.e.range of motion and strength) before advancing scar tissue permanently halts any future gains.

Failure to achieve a full range of motion in the immediate or early postoperative period, combined with permitting the accumulation of even relatively small amounts of periarticular blood and edema, naturally permits extracellular matrix and collagenous scar tissue to be deposited, such that the full range of motion may never be recovered.” Mayo Clinic 2000  Abstract – Stiffness following surgery or injury to a joint

Physical Therapy after knee surgery can be very painful. The method of applying excessive force to the leg can result in sharp pain, increased swelling, and setbacks. This can limit the amount of time patients can tolerate therapy.

Many knee surgery patients lose the race against scar tissue and may require additional procedures (Manipulation Under Anesthesia), or may be forced to settle with results less than what they had hoped for.

The X10 machine guides patients forward all the while sensing the patient’s level of comfort, never allowing them to cross the line into pain. Our patients are relaxed, confident, and comfortable because the X10 puts the control in the hands of the patients. The screen on the X10 provides each patient with constant feedback. They see where they are and where they are headed at all times. Every day is a step toward full recovery on the X10.


Why is the X10 so Special?

  • Because the machine causes no therapeutic pain, X10™ users get more physical therapy than any other method—they use it more because it doesn’t hurt – Learn More
  • The machine, restores your range of motion, and strengthens your legs so quickly that you will likely not require a follow-up procedure for scar tissue (Manipulation Under Anesthesia, MUA, or an Arthroscopy – surgery to remove scar tissue), – Learn More
  • Or develop a strength deficit (the average patient has a 30% strength deficit for a year or more) – Learn More
  • The X10 captures data from each session that can be uploaded to an Oracle® database so your coach and surgeon can track your progress and intervene if necessary – Learn More
  • The X10 is particularly beneficial for patients who have other health problems as these patients are often prone to complications – Learn More