Pressure Modulated Knee Rehabilitation | Accelerated Knee Surgery Recovery

The X10™ is a PMKR™ Machine. It is Pressure Modulated, reading your knee’s comfort and pressure to deliver productive therapy at all times during each 30 minute session. With the X10™ you will regain your range of motion and strength much more quickly after ACL, MCL, Knee Replacement Surgery and Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA). There is no better path to recovery.

Shorten Your Rehab By Months

You can avoid a long and painful knee surgery recovery with the X10™ Knee Recovery System. Gain five (5) or more degrees range of motion per day as soon as you start on the X10™. You will avoid the danger that scar tissue presents to your recovery. You will rebuild strength after the inevitable loss of muscle mass. Reactivate your muscles with the patented Neuromuscular Reeducation modality.

Minimize Rehab Pain with the help of a Coach

The X10™ allows you to shorten your knee surgery recovery at home under the guidance of an X10 Patient Recovery Coach. You will get well again while minimizing the pain that accompanies manual therapy. The X10™ feels your comfort level on each rotation of your knee. X10 adjusts the exercise to keep you making progress without undue discomfort.

Avoid Complications, a Stiff Knee, Muscle Atrophy, Muscle Activation Deficits

A successful recovery is not a certainty after knee surgery. With many surgeries, like ACL, MCL, Total Knee Arthroplasty, it is your range of motion that is first big hurdle to overcome. Muscle activation and strength gains must follow soon afterwards. The X10™ delivers a fully functional knee quickly so you can avoid potential trouble after your knee surgery. Therapy is the other half of surgery, and oftentimes it can be the most important part.

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